[Best Budding Artist's Work]
Trevor Grove - Age 13
Drawn on Illustration Board using graphite, airbrushed with acrylic paints, touched up with White and black Prismacolor Pencils and Gesso
First Place Second Place Third Place
What can we say about this guy, who has the distinction of winning FOUR honors in our contest? We can say that we didn't believe he was 13 at first -- feeling that this high quality of work was only possible from someone ten years older, at least. After looking at his personal website and realizing that he WASN'T pulling our legs (yes, guys, he IS 13), Adam became furious with envy over someone half his age. Watch out, Drew Struzan: in a few years, Trevor Grove will be stealing your business.

Honorable Mentions
Amy Noonan - Age 14
Medium: colored pencils (9"x12")
"Who knows? In a thousand years even ADAM may be worth something!" Amy's color sketch of Indy on a worse-than-average day is rich in detail, color, and humor.

Jay - Age 16
Medium: pencil (5.5"x6")
A nice, delicate, and detailed sketch of Indy surveying for lost treasure (like that TOYS McCOY figure or the INDY IV script).

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