[Best Caricature or Comic]
First Place
Trevor Grove - Age 13
Medium: Photoshop
Crude, crass, obnoxious -- and that's probably precisely the idea with Trevor's laugh-out-loud funny rendering of the legendary "boulder" scene in RAIDERS (is nothing sacred?). We wish Paramount had invested their South Park movie with a moment like this.

Second Place
Chris Lumb
Medium: ink and watercolor
Though Adam's cat, Kubrick, doesn't like the idea, this reimagining of our intrepid hero as a canine (hey, all men ARE dogs, anyway) is enough to make us smile. Picture this: Indy's in search of the greatest artifact in history -- the golden pooper scooper.

Third Place
Dale Dassel
Medium: ink and color pencil
If George Lucas has his way, Harrison Ford MIGHT END UP LOOKING LIKE THIS by the time Indy IV rolls around. Hopefully this will not be so, as it's likely that the project should happen within the next 842 years. If the idea of merging George's two franchises might seem sacrilegious, this cartoon's breaking the last taboo...

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