[Illustration (Painted/Drawn)]
Brandon Brand
Medium: marker/colored pencil
Chris Ellis
Medium: pencil (9"x6")
Austin Powers
Medium: pencil - assembled in Photoshop
Christian Guldager
Medium: acrylics on gessoed plastic-surface paper
Artist Name Removed
Medium: charcoal/pencil (17"x11")
Nathan Harbaugh
Medium: acrylic on crescent watercolor board
Logo and text by Kurt Mefford on Adobe Photoshop
Mike Marosy
Medium: pen and ink on illustration board (9"x14")
Mike Marosy
Medium: oil on canvas (18"x24")
Note: Signed by Harrison Ford
Daniel Roberts
Medium: pen and ink
Eji Yared
Medium: acrylic on an acetate animation cel (12"x10")

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