[Best Illustration (Painted/Drawn)]
It should be noted here that the illustration category was far and away the most competitive, with a variety of truly dazzling, professional work submitted. Rather than limiting this to merely three prizes of recognition, Micah and I felt that there were some other works that really stood out. Therefore, we wish to recognize...

Honorable Mentions
The Jones Boys
Ed Draganski
Medium: Prismacolor pencil on board w/ watercolor wash (11"x14")
Ed's beautiful illustration captures the likes of Ford and Connery dead-on, in their most famous pose together for LAST CRUSADE. Richly textured and highly detailed, the souls of these characters really come across.

Indiana Jones and the Tomb of Akhenaton
Ed Draganski
Medium: pencil on cold press illustration board (9"x12")
Besides the distiction of having more work awarded in this category than anyone else, Ed's work of Indiana Jones is varied in its own right. Just as his "co-stars" piece showed his mastery of pen and ink, and his "Jones boys" showed his talents with colored pencil and paint, this piece shows his mastery of getting rich detail in black and white. An original conceptual design for a new story (we'd be interested in seeing its genesis, and like to have it published!), this montage features FDR and a real-life based rendering of Akenaton's tomb.

Peter McKinstry
Medium: pencil (A4 paper)
Peter's pencil sketch of Indy as featured in TEMPLE OF DOOM evokes the style of Drew Struzan, with much detail implied through seemingly simple lines.

1950s Indy
Zack Page-Wood
Medium: watercolor (12"x18")
A new take on the character if there ever was one, Zack's portrait of an older Indy (get used to it, guys) is also unique in its modern use of bright color. Rather than relying on the washed out, earth tones associated with such portraits, Zack has used a more illustrative, contemporary style with bold lines and shapes. Great fun to look at, and very original.

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