[Best Sculpture or Model]
First Place
Robert Frey
Medium: super sculpey painted with acrylics (9.5" x 5" x 3")
If ever in all the Indy universe there was a fan piece that truly blew us away, Robert Frey's sculpture was it. Period. It's hard enough to place an accurate representation in TWO dimensions...Robert opted for three. The results are spectacular, as you can see here. Even Indy's sculpted hat is removeable. (Who do we have to kill to get a replica, Rob?)

Second Place
Shawn Kutchara
Medium: Resculpted 1997 Han Solo, hand-made clothing/accessories
So good it ALMOST makes you able to forget about that silly Toys McCoy figure (sorry, guys, but they ARE sponsoring the prizes...) [Ed. note: I must apologize for Adam. He's never seen the Toys McCoy figure in person. He wouldn't use the word "silly" even in jest if he had :) ], Shawn's custom made 12" Indy figure -- and yes, it's truly custom, right down to the specially made jacket, shirt, pants, seams and everything -- is a welcome alternative for those on a tighter budget. (Adam wants grabs on this one -- you listening, Shawn?) Sarcasm aside, this is a remarkable piece of craftsmanship.

Third Place
Brad McElroy
Medium: Han Solo in Carbonite POTF2 base/Sculpey
Brady's custom figure evokes the style of Kenner's redesigned STAR WARS figures, INDY's way, and it'd be interesting to see what other characters he might have in store.

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