Fortune & Glory?

by Micah Johnson
If the prospect of gaining a fortune isn't enough to bring people running to the slots, the proprieters of Hollywood Casino in Tunica, Mississippi are gambling $5.5 million that a brush with glory will. In fact, they've enlisted the help of Daniel Flannery, one of the forces behind Disney World's Indiana Jones-themed thrill ride, to ensure you'll run faster than a tribe of Hovitos to Adventure Slots.

Entering the casino's new area is an adventure in itself. Passing beneath an archway, players press a stone, which triggers the raising of a panel to reveal various pieces of Hollywood history. Among the adventure movie artifacts are Indiana Jones' jacket, hat and whip. Continuing on, the visitors are welcomed by an enormous stone idol, which stirs to life to emcee the festivities. Voice booming, the idol heralds the beginning of a fire and water effects show set to an appropriately adventurous score.

The area is dominated by a 24 foot high temple, constructed of columns cast from the same moulds used for such epics as Spartacus and Ben Hur. In the temple's center is a likeness of the Egyptian god of Memphis. Near the temple is a track reminiscent of the mine in Temple of Doom. At regular intervals a runaway mining car races down the track. Upon reaching the end of the track, the car overturns, spilling out souvenir coins. Opposite the mine is a dense, dark jungle inhabited by one of Congo's apes and the remains of a plane and its unfortunate pilot lodged in a tree. Slot machines are clustered around various unique displays. One such display, called the 'Elephant Arch,' features the Ark of the Covenant held high by two elephants.

This mix of themed interaction and gambling is an untried, new idea in the gaming industry, but if Hollywood Casino's experiment is a success, they may indeed discover a little fortune and glory.

Adapted from information contained in the article 'The Adventure Begins' by Roger Gros printed in the April '96 issue of Casino Player.
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