. Spielberg's Schedule

Previously we heard about the futuristic inheritance from the late Stanley Kubrick, A.I., which is scheduled for filming this summer. Meanwhile Tom Cruise is waiting in the wings for a 2001 filming of Minority Report.

In 2002 the choice is between two properties, Spielberg still hasn't decided between Memoirs of a Geisha, a novel adaptation, or Saving Private Bailey, adapted from print as well. In SPB, a lazy soldier with the unlikely name Beetle, must be rescued from his cruel taskmaster, Sarge.

In 2003, Spielberg, already anticipating a terrible outing on Jurassic Park 3 by new helmer Joe Johnston, has signed up for JP4: Dinos Take Manhattan. This time around, he is expected to take a new direction, by making that musical he's always wanted... A scene with raptors singing barber shop are sure to be an instant classic.

In 2004, we will see Spielberg's big-eyed alien, ET, again, this time teaming up with another lovable alien, ALF. The movie, ET Phones The Wrong Number, reveals that ET mistakenly got transported to ALF's home planet after saying goodbye to Elliot. ALF turns out to be a corrupting influence, and ET is soon skinning and frying cat nuggets with the best of them.

But don't fear, Spielberg assures fans that there will still be an Indy sequel, soon, just like he said. In fact, an actor for a teenage Indy segment has already been selected:

[Baby Indy]

You know what this is right???

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