. Indy IV Timing

The partially edited message from an anonymous ILM employee follows:

Subject:     Indy 4
From:        <withheld>
To:          indy@indyfan.com

Here's the scoop. George will be working on the prequel until May 1999. After May 1999, Lucasfilm will shift its focus to the new Indy movie before Ep 2 and 3 of the prequels are shot back-to-back beginning in January 2000.

Principle photography for Indy 4 will be complete by the end of 1999 and we will work on the special effects for Indy 4, Ep 2 and Ep 3, simultaneously.

As of today this is Lucas' planned release dates:

Ep 1 May 1999
IJ 4 May 2000
Ep 2 May 2001
Ep 3 May 2003

I hope this info is enough because we cannot reveal plot details or casting decisions to the public.

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