. U.S. Wings Jacket Contest Finalists

In no particular order, here are the five finalists...

Karen Hemrick

My husband Wayne is a true Indy fan, there's no doubt in my mind.
He'd save a stranger Indy style if they were in a bind.

His shelves are full of collector things, including a whip and a hat.
And sometimes he just sits there and stares at all of that.

Pretending to be Indiana, he heads down to his den.
Wearing that hat and cracking that whip, sometimes at least until ten.

He's watched all the movies five hundred times, I can't believe its true.
If I can't win that jacket for him, I know he'll be so blue.

It would surely be worn with honour and pride.
When we go to California on the Indy Jones ride.

So you see I just gotta win that jacket, about it make no bones.
Cause my guy is just crazy for that Indiana Jones.

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Matthew Werner

I think that I deserve to be the owner of the first U.S. Wings cotton Indy Jones jacket because I am only 12 years old and don't have that much money to spend on one of them.I love Indy and I first liked him when I was 6 years old. I think it would be really great because it would be nice and cool on a hot day or warm on a cold day. I am saving my money to buy one but I have a long way to go.If I win this I will be able to save my money.I think this is one of the best Indy things ever made because it's very casual. It also has a leather collar to keep the tradition of the leather one.I probably like Indy about as much as anybody does and if I win this I will be very, very happy.

Thank you,

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Kam Napier

Heat. Humidity. Those are why I deserve to own the first U.S. Wings Cotton Indy Jacket. Because I cannot wear leather here in subtropical Honolulu. Not goat skin, nor lambskin, nor plain old cow. There's too much ... heat. Humidity. Day after day.

Not the heat of a Thuggee sacrificial lava pit.
That's a dry heat.

No, I mean the kind of stewing, sticky mugginess of a South American jungle. You say Indy could handle jungle mugginess? There he was in 1936, swaddled in leather, whip-flicking that gun out Barranca's hand in a veritable mist of rain forest steam. Too true.

But, do you know why Indy is scowling as he steps into the light? Is it because he was just nearly gunned down?

No. It's because he's wearing a leather jacket. In the middle of a jungle. That's abuse to which only an actor with an air conditioned trailer might consent.

For a year now, I've lurked on the Indyfan Forum, reading with vicarious joy as one after another of you bought your Indy jackets---beautiful, leather Indy jackets---to wear in comfort as the seasons of your homelands permit. Crisp fall days. Winter's chill. Cool spring rains.

Then there's me. Bereft in the midst of eternal summer. Just hoping, waiting, for a light, breathable cotton version of the Indy jacket to fall from the sky as if by the will of Shiva.

O judges, choose wisely and be the instrument of that divine intercession.

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Greg Shambarger

I am an owner of one of the oldest "living" Leather Concessionaires jackets, going on 11 years old, and have been an Indyfan since I was seven when I first walked out of the theatre when Raiders came out. I was hooked.

Now, I have my first baby on the way later this summer. I will have the opportunity to expose my son or daughter in their infancy to Indiana Jones, as they sit and watch them all with Dad.

The cotton Indy Jones jacket from US Wings would allow me to keep my cool while looking cool on the way to the hospital when my wife goes into labor. It will also allow me to own another piece of Indy history while keeping my life (my pregnant wife would not take too kindly to me buying more Indy stuff with the baby on the way!).

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Gemma-Jayne 'Harry' Hudgell

I quite obviously deserve a new Indy jacket, as being without one whilst parading under the name 'Harry' (short for Harrison...) makes me appear somewhat lacking. No-one ever gets what 'Harry' is short for unless I explain the link. Help me!! If I have to explain again I'll go mad! Besides, I need it to go with my hat and whip.

Consider also my fieldwork in South Africa. Archaeology out there gets very hot and dusty; a lightweight cotton jacket of the Jones type would be ideal to protect my back from the harsh sun, leopard attack, baboon spiders, black mambas, my supervisor, and so on, whilst being equally handy to keep off the chill whilst scrabbling avec trowel amongst the bones in the Makapansgat caves. Naturally, the said item would look damn good as I lead my team of dedicated students through the acacia groves, machete in hand.

Ponder next the imminence of my 24th birthday at the end of the month. Have you got me anything yet? Indeed. I thought not.

I desperately require the use of such a jacket, as I am currently struggling to make ends meet as a hardworking, unpaid doctoral student and cannot afford such luxuries as outer clothing. Besides, I'm an archaeologist and I'd blatantly look silly without it.

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