. Ford on Magic Hour

Partial transcript of Magic Johnson's interview with Harrison Ford on the June 9, 1998 airing of Magic Hour:

Magic: Raiders of the Lost Ark was one of my favorite movies... When you were shooting the movie did you actually know it was going to be that big?

Ford: Well, it may be imprudent to say this (...) but I had a pretty good sense that that was going to be a successful film.

Magic: And why?

Ford: Well, first of all, Steven's enthusiasm for it. The idea just seemed to pop right off the page.

Magic: That being Steven Spielberg?

Ford: That's right, THE Steven.

Magic: THE man!

*audience applause*

Ford: And it was just so much fun to make it. It was so much fun for US to make the film, I thought that it would be fun for an audience as well.

Magic: I understand.. or I should say, I'm hoping you and Steven Spielberg hook up again and do another Indiana Jones.

*audience goes wild*

Ford: I would LOVE to do it again. We just haven't really settled on a script idea yet. Hopefully, something will come along.

Magic: Ok... If that happens... You know where I'm about to go, right? I wanna be the sidekick.

*Magic dons a beat up hat and throws a whip over his shoulder as the band plays The March*

Magic: I got what it takes?

Ford: You've got about a foot more of what it takes than I'd ever allow a sidekick to have.

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