. A Report from the Trenches

The slightly edited text of the message follows:

Subject:     Indy 4
From:        [...]@paramount.com
To:          indy@indyfan.com

I'm a low level employee at Paramount Pictures, [...] and wanted to relay some info. regarding the upcoming Indy 4 project, which Paramount will distribute. Indy 4 is planned for production during a hiatus that Lucas will take between the live-action filming of Episode I and II of the prequels.

Lucasfilm has signed Ford, Sean Connery and a relatively unknown actor to play Indy's younger brother in the film. It is still uncertain whether Karen Allen is needed for the film. Someone from our office has made calls to Allen's agent and her agent claims that Allen has not been asked by Lucasfilm to reprise her role as Marion Ravenwood.

Lucasfilm has indicated that this would be the final Indy film (they claimed in 1989 that the Last Crusade would probably be the last Indy film !) would tie up all the loose ends of what happens to the major characters who survived the first three Indy films. The script is being guarded tightly by Lucasfilm, which is fine with us.

Lucas wants the Indy film ready for release for Summer 2000 in between the release of his prequel movies.

Spielberg has not been confirmed as the director of the next film, although we fully expect him to helm the pic.


I'll try to give you more info. in the future, but I can't help you with what the story will be about since Lucasfilm is apparently not going to let Paramount know what the Indy film is going to be about.

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