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Raiders of the Lost Ark

In November 1995, DCC Compact Classics released an expanded version of the Raiders of the Lost Ark soundtrack, containing a half hour of previously unreleased music. The 74-minute CD is accompanied by a 24 page booklet containing expanded liner notes. If you can't find a copy at your local music store, try:

DCC Compact Classics, Inc.
9301 Jordan Avenue, Suite 105
Chatsworth, CA 91311
(818) 993-8822

Call 1-800-301-6874 for a free catalog

If you like to try before you buy, the following sites have some RealAudio samples:


For the true aural afficiandos among you, Audiophile USA has, and I quote, "pure virgin vinyl" 180-gram Raiders LPs for a hefty pricetag of $43.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

As of July 1997, no plans for a similar remastering of the Temple of Doom soundtrack were in the works. Currently, the only sources for the Temple soundtrack are the German and Japanese imports, each weighing in at a paltry 40 minutes in length. According to Lukas Kendall, editor of Film Score Monthly, Temple's soundtrack isn't likely to be reissued due to the fact that the only source material currently available, 24-track masters, are costly to work with.

Japanese pressing - Polydor POCP-2014
German pressing - Edel TCS 102-2 or (stereo) 513879-2

Star Wars Insider (1-800-878-3326) lists the Temple CD for $28.95 in its catalog section.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

If the Crusade soundtrack isn't available from your local music store, try an online store like Amazon.com or Music Boulevard.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Vol. 2 The Unreleased Music

Since word of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Vol. 2 The Unreleased Music hit the USENET and the Forum, I've wondered whether it would be worth buying. Well, I took the plunge, and I'm still not sure.

The CD contains a little over thirty minutes of previously unreleased Indy music from Crusade, and nearly another half-hour of music from Amazing Stories (*shrug*, beats me...). The sound quality is good, although at times, when the brass swells, the sound has a slight metallic twang to it. However, I'm not a certified audiophile, so I'm probably not qualified to judge. The package, although professional in appearance has no copyright information and bears the cryptic phrase, "For promotional use only not licensed for sale." These oddities and the use of the term "Papa Jones" in the track listing leads me to believe that it is simply a well-done bootleg. If you know the real story, I'd like to know.

It's definitely a worthy addition to any Indy fan's collection, but the hefty price tag may be a deal-breaker. At a whopping $38.95 + $4 shipping from Footlight Records, this disc gives you a half-hour of solid Indy music, and given it's shady origins, perhaps a valuable collectible. Whether it is worth the price is for you to decide.

If you decide this disc is for you, at Footlight search on the words "indiana jones unreleased" and fill out the online order form. Ordering is easy and the service is prompt. If there are other widely-available sources for the CD, I'd appreciate the info.

Other Sources for Soundtrack Info

More extensive details on the Indiana Jones soundtracks may be found at the The Unofficial John Williams Home Page:

Raiders of the Lost Ark
Temple of Doom
Last Crusade

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