. Synopsis: Sword of Arthur
by walker

Enigma Island 1238 A.D., 200 miles off the Spanish Coast

In a vast cave, bodies of slain knights lay about. One knight in silver and one in obsidian armor continue to fight. On the floor is an object wrapped in cloth. It is glowing. Suddenly - Victory! The Black Knight is slain. The Silver Knight sees that all his friends are dead, unwraps the glowing object (a fabulous, heavenly sword) and swings it into the ceiling with all of his might. Lightning explodes from the sword and the cavern collapses, burying both sword and knight.

Dissolve to-
Enigma Island 1456 A.D., The Spanish Galleon, Isabella

The ship lowers a boat which proceeds to the island. Two soldiers get out, make their way to a cave entrance and begin arguing. Their leader has landed them here, lost on this island. They find him in the caves with the bodies of dead English knights strewn about. The three of them see a glowing crack in a boulder near the far wall. They look into it and whatever it is, we can see by the looks on their faces that it's beautiful.

Dissolve to-
Arizona 1950, a museum

Students begin to board a bus for a 2:00 pm train. Indy's off to the side waiting to make an exchange of goods during this field trip. He makes the exchange with a mysterious smoking man. Afterwards, he calls Anthony Brody, son of Marcus Brody, at the museum to tell him of his success. Anthony says to be careful, the Sultan's wrath is great. As they discuss this, four men approach and take Indy out of the museum into a car. Indy tells the students to leave with the bus and that he'll catch up.

Indy and the villains drive out to an abandoned warehouse. Indy is tied to a chair. The parcel he picked up in the exchange is laid, unopened, on the table. The Sultan's man Abu taunts Indy and gives his men the order to kill him. Indy tips the chair forward (his feet aren't tied) and rushes forward into the thugs. He proceeds to fight them tied to the chair. Finally, he smashes the chair against the wall, grabs the parcel and runs out. He carjacks a passerby and heads for the train station. The villains hop in a truck and follow in a big chase through the streets of this Arizona town. At the railway station, Indy jumps out, steals a motorcycle and races after the departing train. He gets close and jumps over to the caboose. The villains try to follow, but the train crosses a bridge, dumping the villains in the river. Indy enters the coach compartment, gets his ticket punched and falls asleep while his students wonder where in the world he came from.

Dissolve to-
Campus Classroom

Indy is lecturing about Enigma Island. He says the most prevalent myth is the one referring to the time the Spaniards found the bodies of English Knights and a glowing rock formation. They could see behind it a shining silver sword. Because they hadn't the tools to dig out the sword, the left it to better equip themselves and intended to return one day. However, they could never find their way back to the island.

Anthony Brody enters, the spitting image of his father, long since passed away. After class, Indy hands Anthony the package from the opening. Brody laments it as being the last artifact acquired by Indiana Jones. Indy has decided to retire. He's 51 and field work is a young man's job. Anthony leaves and Indy begins to grade papers in his office. There is a knock on the door.

Behind the door is Arianna Smith (note how close this is to "Indiana Jones"), a lovely brunette in her early 40's. When Indy sees her, he punches her in the jaw. (This doesn't make much sense as you'll see later in the script) She shakes it off, and insults him. Then she forgets about it and introduces Indy to her friend Sebastian Collins, actually an old student of Indy's. He looks a great deal like David Hyde Pierce from "Frasier." (So says the scriptwriter) Smith and Collins tell Indy of their fieldwork related, of course, to King Arthur. They show Indy a photo of armor they found. On it is the seal of the Round Table. Also, they've found a parchment from a journal written by Sandoval Conquilla, the very Spanish captain Indy was just lecturing about.

The parchment reveals half of the route to Enigma and it's in code. The remaining half is in a French castle. They believe Excalibur is on Enigma. Will Indy help?

Dissolve to-
Indy's house

Collins, Smith and Brody are all there. Indy tells Brody of the parchment in the castle and they all agree that Indy should be able to translate the parchment if the other half is acquired. The problem is, as Collins explains, the castle is being secretly maintained by a group of ex-Nazis. Collins convinces Indy to go on one last adventure - to whup some more Nazi ass and get the girl one more time. Well, you know, he does hate those Nazis.

Cut to-
Airport, where tension appears very high between Smith and Jones.

Indy settles in his seat and we flashback to a dig in 1925. Indy is 26 and Smith is a bit younger. Also working the dig is a young Rene Belloq. He yells a lot and is a nasty sort as we all know. The two men instantly dislike one another. Then Abner Ravenwood, the supervisor of the dig shows up and puts them both in their place. Abner explains to Indy, who is new, that he is replacing a student who became ill and had to leave. His name was Joseph Forrestal. "He was good. He was very, very good." Ravenwood says. Quickly, Indy and Arianna fall for each other.

Dissolve to-
French Castle 1950

Collins, Jones and Smith mix in with a tour group. Later they break off from the pack. They sneak around and spot a guard wearing an armband with a symbol that Collins informs them represents the new Nazi party. They sneak past the guard into an ornate room. Collins finds a secret passage to a hidden storehouse filled to bursting with books and journals and other artifacts. After some searching, Indy finds the journal and the missing half of the directions to Enigma.

Collins tells them he has the journal. He expects to translate it and be off to Enigma island in 2 days time. Collins lies and says that Jones is dead. He does not appear to be highly regarded by the Lords, who don't quite believe in the journal or in Collins' theories. He opens the journal and shows them a sketching of what can only be Excalibur. They are impressed.

Cut to-

Indy and Smith go to the library to research the symbol the saw on the museum guards. Indy remembers it from somewhere. They find it. It belongs to a dark ages sect - the cult of Mordred. They were a sect of knights who disagreed with Arthur and believed in immediate power and iron fisted rule. Is it possible that the sect survived all these centuries? They wonder.

Indy sees Lugor, Collins brutish henchman, stalking the library with some thugs. Indy and Smith exit. Lugor spots them and follows. He and his men get into three cars and begin chasing our heroes. To escape, Indy and Smith hop on a double-decker bus and force everybody off at gun point. Indy hops in the driver's seat and takes off through the London city streets.

3 evil thugs transfer from a car to the bus. Smith tells Indy to keep driving - she'll handle them. She charges the intruders and knocks them off of the bus like a linebacker. Another car slams into the bus, but the bus drives it off the road into a parked vehicle. 3 more thugs make their way on board. Smith takes down two of them, but the third begins strangling her. Why Indy doesn't just shoot all these guys is beyond me. At least he should've given Smith the gun.

Indy lashes the wheel in place with his whip and runs back to help her. He takes out the villain, then the bus crashes into a brick wall. End of chase as the police arrive and take everyone into custody.

Dissolve to-
Castle Birkenshire

Collins can't translate the journal. He takes a break, goes over to a chest he's brought with him and unlocks it. An evil purple glow beams outward illuminating his face. Collins smiles. There is a knock on the door. Collins locks the box and a guard enters, telling him that the boat for Enigma will be ready to leave at first light. Collins assures him that the journal will be translated by then.

Cut to-
London, American Embassy

Smith and Indy are leaving - they've been let go. Smith asks why. Indy says he pulled in some favors due him by the U.S. government. Two cars pull up and several men get out and surround them. An older gentleman asks Indy and Smith to come with him. They have no choice.

Dissolve to-
Castle Avalon

They are taken to the Main Hall of the castle. There, in the center of the room, is a round marble table about which are seated several older gentlemen. They introduce themselves as the Knights of the Round Table. They claim to be descendants of the original historical knights. They are the sworn enemies of the Knights of Mordred and they work behind the scenes to counter their every move. They have been involved in a secret war for hundreds of years.

Oliver, leader of the knights, warns Indy and Smith away from the conflict. He also explains that Sir Bedeveire didn't throw Excalibur into the lake as Arthur commanded, those many centuries ago. Instead, he buried it in Cadbury Hill - the site of Arthur's tomb. It was unearthed by Dark Knights who were being pursued by good Knights. The villains were going to use an unholy ceremony to convert the sword to evil because only a knight of the 'old code' can touch the sword. After the battle, the remaining good knight recovered the sword and buried it and himself in a cave on Enigma Island.

Conquilla, the Spaniard, found it but Oliver's ancestor convinced him to never reveal the true route back to the island. The Round Table knights have collected and hidden away an immense number of artifacts related to the sword in a castle in France - the one Indy was at. Indeed, Oliver explains, the castle was recently lost to the Dark Knights a few months ago. Because of this grave loss, "measures have been taken to ensure that Excalibur will remain a secret...we do not wish you to become embroiled in a struggle that is not your own."

Indy agrees. Smith disagrees. Later, they argue about it. They decide that together, they will proceed on their own. But why is Indy so hesitant? The explanation comes later.

1925, archaeological dig on the beach

Smith and Jones are partners. Belloq digs alone. Together, Indy and Smith find the pirate's lost treasure - a gold medallion. (It turns out that this is the head piece to the Staff of Ra!)

Cut to-
1950, Avalon Castle

Indy and Smith get to Castle Berkinshire at dawn and see the villains are getting ready to leave on an ocean voyage. They see many armored knights working to get ready. The two sneak on board. Collins and the evil lords also get on board and set sail.

Later, Indy and Smith make plans to steal the journal. They split up - she to find the journal, he to find out where they're heading. Indy hides in a closet on the bridge and overhears that Collins hasn't yet figured out the journal and is making up the course as he goes in order to buy time. Indy is found and captured as is Smith. They are forced to translate the journal.

In their cell, a knight enters. He is a spy for the Round Table. He was going to sabotage the engines but now has to get them away safely. He drops them in a row boat. They are spotted and the he is shot. Indy and Smith row away and are not followed although no compelling reason is given for this.

Dissolve to-
The next day

Indy and Smith are drifting in the Atlantic. While floating they discuss their past. They argue about Indy's affair with Marion a few years after their dig when she was 18. Also, they discuss Indy's apathy towards adventure nowadays. Indy breaks down and we find out the following: (prepare yourself - it isn't pretty and it makes Indy sound like a pathetic loser)

Marcus died drinking from a poisoned glass meant for Indy. 10 years earlier, one of Sallah's sons was tortured to death by an Arab prince trying to find Indy after he ran off with the prince's prized relics. Sallah hasn't spoken to him since. Indy blames himself for being caught up in the glory of recovering treasure (although this part of him seemed to be eliminated by the end of Last Crusade). Short Round was dumped by Indy into an English boarding school. He ran away to Nan King and was there when the Japanese invaded - Indy believes he is probably dead. (why not try checking?) And next up for abuse - Marion. 14 years ago they got together, but Indy was always running around looking for artifacts. Marion walked out on him and he hasn't heard from her since. There is no mention of his father being run over by a large cement mixer driven by the son of Mola Ram - but I expect that's what happened.

Throughout this discussion, Smith supports and consoles Indy. They begin to start the horizontal mambo when an amphibious plane lands. It was sent by the Round Table. (Good thing, too - I was about to jump off a cliff....) Indy and Smith convince the young Knight to take them to Enigma Island.

Cut to-
Enigma Island

The Dark Lords go to the hidden cave of Excalibur. Their men work the cave with tools until the find the glowing boulder and destroy it. Beyond is the silver knight, still holding the glowing Excalibur. One of the Dark Lords grasps the sword and his hand melts off. None but a knight of the Old Code may touch it, remember!

Collins opens his locked chest and reaches in. When he withdraws his hand it is wearing a glowing obsidian gauntlet - the Gauntlet of Mordred, the only surviving piece of armor fashioned for him by Morganna. Touched by an heir to Arthur, it has the power to wield the sword until it can be converted.

Collins and the Lords exit the cave and prepare to return to Castle Birkenshire. But first, they want some Round Table blood.

Cut to-
The sea plane

They land next to a small castle and village. Bodies lie all bout. Buildings are smoldering ruins. Smith spots four horsemen in silver armor - the last survivors of the round Table Enigma Island Garrison. Why this 'garrison' didn't stop Collins and his men before they got the sword, I don't know....

The remaining knights and Indy team up and move to engage Collins' group before he can get away on his boat. The two groups engage in battle. The villains retreat to the ship while Collins captures Smith. He intends to make her the sacrifice for the conversion ceremony. Indy sees this, jumps on his horse and radios for an aerial pickup. The plane flies overhead and matches the speed of Indy's horse (impossible) and one of the knights leans out and drags him inside. From the plane, Indy see Collins get on board his ship. Unfortunately, Indy is told, they can't follow as the plane hasn't any fuel. They need to turn around and load up with what fuel remains on Enigma. Indy radios to warn the Round Table as they do this.

Cut to-

The boat of the Dark Knights gets to Castle Birkenshire's dock and Collins exits with Smith. He storms into the great hall and shows off Excalibur. Then he kills all of the evil lords. He has become mad with power.

It's time for an extremely intrusive

Indy and Smith argue about Ravenwood having chosen her as his assistant. Indy shows himself to be petty and pathetic. They end up punching each other and Indy realizes what an ass he is. Smith kicks him in the gut, storms out and gives up the assistant position so that Indy can have it. He feels like a jerk (which in no way explains why he greeted her by punching her in the face at the beginning of our story...)

Cut to-

Oliver readies his forces for war with Castle Birkenshire.

Cut to-
Enigma Island

The remaining knights and Indy get into the refueled plane and take off.

Cut to-
the Great Hall, Castle Birkenshire

Smith is tied to a stake. Troops, servants, surviving Knights and Collins are present. Collins wears futuristic black and gold armor and the gauntlet of Mordred. He makes a speech to the cheering crowd of villains. He shoots off a few bolts of lighting from the sword into the Heavens to impress everyone suitably, and then lights a bonfire with it.

Cut to-
Sea plane

It approaches the castle. Indy has a plan to land and bypass all of the troops in the castle proper.

Cut to-
The Great Hall

Collins places Excalibur on the altar next to Smith and explains the ritual of conversion. If the holy sword spills the blood of a righteous man or woman's blood, it will turn to the side of evil. He picks up the sword and moves toward her.

Cut to-
Sea plane

Indy is piloting now, aiming the plane at the roof of the Great Hall.

Cut to-
Great Hall

Alarms go off. Collins stops. Knights rush in to warn him that Round Table forces are approaching by land and a strange plane is approaching by sea. Collins hastens to finish the ceremony. He prepares to stab Smith.

Indy crashes the plane into the skylight where it gets stuck. Ropes spiral down and Indy and the knights descend into the Hall. Outside, a huge battle between the two armies begins. Collins fires lighting all over, killing good knights left and right. A stray bolt burns Smith's bonds off. Just before Collins gets ready to skewer Indy, she grabs a flag pole and beats him with it. His armor protects him and he disarms her. She backs off. Indy throws a grenade at him. It blasts Collins off the main stage of the Hall. Smith catches some shrapnel in the leg. Indy tries to help her but Collins reappears and clocks him in the face with Excalibur's hilt, right in the eye. Ouch! It bleeds profusely. Smith stabs him in the shoulder with a wooden stake. He screams and drops the sword. Then she slams his gauntleted hand on the ground again and again to try and break the gauntlet. It doesn't break, but his hand does. She's about to stab him again when another evil knight drags her off of him.

Meanwhile, Indy takes part of a torn banner and ties it into a temporary eyepatch to staunch the blood flow from his ruined eye.

Collins and several knights hold her down. Collins reaches for the sword to kill her and only then realizes he doesn't have it. They all turn. There stands Indy, holding Excalibur and looking to kick some ass, the Great Hall on fire behind him. (I admit, this scene would be extremely cool.) He proceeds to beat the crap out of all the evil knights. Collins, true coward that he is, retreats to his private plane with Smith. The pilot preps for takeoff. Meanwhile, the army of light defeats the army of darkness.

Indy chases the airplane as it taxis. He snatches up a length of chain and whips it around the landing gear. As the plane rises, Indy is hauled up. He climbs up the chain as a mighty storm kicks up around the plane. Lightning crashes all around. Collins allows Indy to enter the plane, intent on making a trade. He holds Smith at gunpoint. The pilot reveals himself to be one of the Round Table knights. Collins is really in a fix now, but continues to threaten the woman.

Indy agrees to trade the sword for Smith. He begins to hand the sword hilt first. Collins reaches for it just as Indy flips it back the other way and uses the blade to smash Collins' evil Gauntlet of Mordred. Collins screams and drops his gun, the pain from the bashing of the broken hand being too much to bear. Indy tears off his eyepatch and uses it to tie the sword, pommel-first into the broken, now unprotected, hand of Collins. Collins' eye open wide as his hand begins to smoke and he screams like a girl. Indy boots Collins out the open door into the storm. Collins falls, screaming horribly, and then bursts apart in a rage of holy fire. Shazam! He's vaporized. Just before Excalibur hits the cold water of the Atlantic, a woman's hand reaches up and catches it by the hilt. Lighting crashes and the hand draws its prize back down into the water.

Indy and Smith fall to the floor of the plane exhausted. The knight turns the plane around and heads back for the castle as the sky begins to clear.

Dissolve to-
Campus classroom

Indy is teaching, writing on the board. He turns and we see he now wears an eyepatch. Young Brody and Arianna Smith enter as the bell rings. Brody asks about the patch and then leaves. Indy and Smith walk down the hall together to discuss their next adventure together - relationships! (AAARRGGGGG!!!!!) They kiss, students cheer and our two heroes walk hand in hand out onto the University grounds as the credits begin to roll.


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Indiana Jones and the Sword of Arthur
Written by Michael Prentice and Steven Frye