. Toys McCoy Figure Impressions
by Micah Johnson

I received my Indiana Jones figure today, and I'm completely blown away by how realistic it looks and how attentive to detail the fine folks at Toys McCoy were in constructing this premium Indy collectible. From the packaging down to every minute detail, the figure exudes quality.

First, let's begin with the trademark fedora. The scale of the figure evidently required the use of a rubberized plastic to recreate the shape of Indy's headgear, making an excellent reproduction. Fortunately, Toys McCoy didn't make the same mistake as Kenner with that floppy felt travesty that they donned their original 12 inch figure with. Under his hat is obviously Indy's mug, complete with chin scar and five o'clock shadow, a very good likeness. The jacket looks like a mini-Peter Botwright tailored it. There are adjustable straps in back and front pockets that are actually pockets (Sorry Kenner), and even the left inner pocket of Wested's jacket is there. The shirt is an amazing piece of work, with its tiny buttons and intricate stitching, including the pleats above and below the pockets, real pockets by the way. And the pants, well, I don't know much about the pants, but they just "look right", and did I mention, actual front and back pockets. Sorry I keep obsessing about the pockets, but the tendency with figures I've seen is to just sew on a flap and be done with it. Now, I'll have to seek out a tiny pocket knife and tiny coins to stick in them.

According to Toys McCoy, the included gun is a Smith & Wesson M-1917 .45 caliber pistol, which isn't one of the guns Indy wielded as far as I know, but I'm not too knowledgeable on this score. Indy's footwear is plastic molded to look just like the Alden's worn by Harrison in the movies. The whip is a finely braided piece of craftsmanship, ending in a thread popper. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to crack it. Damn physics, anyhow... The holster appears to be a good likeness of the Webley holster and the shoulder bag looks very much like the modified gas mask bag it represents. Alas, the sand bag is stuffed with something soft. I guess you'll have to supply your own sand, although getting gritty bits of sand in Indy's pockets may reduce the value of your figure. The Fertility Idol is absolutely perfect, except maybe the fact that its not pure gold. Although, it has a heft and appearance that plays the part well.

The figure is amazingly poseable with joints at most of your major bending points. Although I was able to set him in a fairly stable stance, a figure stand is included to keep Indy in an upright (and locked) position. On the unsettling side, the figure comes with two disembodied hands. The four hands are formed to hold Indy's pistol, whip, sand bag and the Fertility Idol. I had a little trouble trying to swap the hands, but I didn't follow the mostly Japanese instruction book, which seems to recommend submersing the figure's hand in hot water. Fortunately, the box packaging was primarily in English, so you can read about the intricacies of each accessory without a translator.

Overall this is an amazing collectible, with such a high level of detail and realism that every Indy fan should have one. Unfortunately, this kind of quality comes at a hefty price and only 3000 have been made. In fact, if you haven't put your order in already, you are unlikely to get one. If you do, however, have an Indy figure on order, it will be well worth the wait. Enjoy.

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