. U.S. Wings Jacket Contest


Temperatures are rising and it's about time to put away our beloved leather jackets. U.S. Wings may have the cure to that particular brand of springtime blues in the form of a cool, lightweight cotton Indy Jones jacket. In a contest brought to you by the generosity of U.S. Wings and jointly conducted by Indy Gear and Indyfan, you have the opportunity to win the very first production Cotton Indy Jones Jacket (Pics coming soon).

You'll have to earn it, however. Send us your justification for being the lucky first to own this jacket. You can use humor, hardship, worthiness, whatever you think will work. Impress us.

Submission Details

Send your entry via email to indy@indyfan.com with the subject line "U.S. Wings Contest" and the following info:

Full Name
Delivery Address (Must be accessible by UPS)
Email Address
Age (if under 18, along with parent or guardian name)
Jacket Size (XS to XXL)

250 words or less describing why you deserve to be the owner of the first U.S. Wings Cotton Indy Jones Jacket

The deadline for entry is April 20, 11pm EDT. Limited to one entry per person.

Determining the Winner

The judges (Micah and Michaelson) will narrow the field to a final 5, which will be posted by April 22 to Indyfan.com. At that time we will open the floor up to discussion on who should win through the Indyfan Forum. There Indy fans will have the opportunity praise and/or ridicule the finalists' entries. On the morning of April 26, the winner will be announced. Although the Forum discussion will be given due consideration, the final judgement of the winner will be at the sole discretion of the judges.

Judges: Micah Johnson and Mark Cross (aka Michaelson)

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Only your name and justification will be subject to posting. Your private information will remain confidential.