. Indy IV Delayed
by Michael Fleming

The following article by Michael Fleming appeared in Variety on Tuesday, March 21, 1995 (pg. 23):

INDY DELAY: Looks like Harrison Ford won't be unpacking his Stetson and whip so soon. While Nazis and various cultists couldn't stop Indy, the lack of a suitable script has pushed back the fourth installment in the series for the time being. Ford, director Steven Spielberg and producer George Lucas hoped to make the Indy pic the actor's next project after "Sabrina" for Sydney Pollack. They turned loose screenwriter Jeb Stuart on a story conceived by Lucas.

Stuart - who's also working on a sequel to "The Fugitive" - has just turned in his second draft. Early indications are more work is needed, which isn't surprising, since five drafts were needed to get 1989's "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" up to snuff. Now, Ford is actively looking for a "Sabrina" followup, which would make him next available for Indy around January, leaving time to move a Warner Bros. remake of "Dodsworth" with director Milos Forman to later next year.

Studios have been sending their best hero scripts to Ford's manager, Patricia McQueeney, who has passed the best along to Ford. The actor, who gets $15 million a picture, was considering four by late last week, including Universal's "Daylight" for director Rob Cohen, and Caravan's "Metro." On Monday, Ford opted out of "Daylight," which has several hot young actors ready to step in.

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