. Young Indy That Could Have Been

Thanks to Laird Malamed, who still had some episode assignment sheets from his tenure on the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. His email to me details the planned Young Indy episodes that were never made:

Berlin, Late August, 1916. This was to be a third part in the Somme - Germany cycle following Indy's capture in Somme, through his escape from prison and to his then his escape from Germany itself. Indy has to decide between returning to the US (since we are not at war with them yet) or returning to the Belgium Army - which he does. The main character from history is Sigrid Schultz, but I don't know who that is.

This was supposed to be part of season 2

These were going to be season 3.

Le Havre, June 1916 - Basic training. Remy is accused of murdering their tough drill sergeant. Indy defends him. Jean Renoir is in the story.

Moscow, March 1918 - Sort of a sequel to Russia 1917. Indy is working with counter-revolution groups to allow the US to take over.

Bombay, April 1919 - Indy meets Ghandi on the way back from the Peacok's Eye treasure search. I think some of these issues were actually resolved in Peacock's Eye because the description indicates Remy and Indy fight about continuing the treasure search.

Buenos Aires, June 1919 - Indy is robbed trying to get home and ends up in South America as a tutor.

Princeton, August 1919 - I assume this is the episode that became attached to Paris 1919 in the Indy videos.

Havana, December 1919 - Indy and Henry Sr. in Cuba. The story revolves around integration issues and a black player outplays Babe Ruth.

Honduras, December 1920 - Indy meets Belloq and they become friends. Belloq steals a crystal skull and sells it.

Alaska, June 1921 - Indy studying eskimos. Indy has to rush medical supplies by dog sled to save a village.

Brazil, December 1921 - Indy and Belloq meet Charles Fawcett to find a lost city.

There were also some 9-10 year old Indys:
Stockholm, December 1909
Russia, March 1909
Jerusalem, June 1909 - Indy meets Abner Ravenwood looking for the Ark on the temple mount.
Geneva, May 1909
Tokyo, April 1910

And finally, there were actually supposed to be some 5 year old Indy adventures, including Princeton, May 1905. Paul Robeson was to be in this episode.

All of the Indy movies were based on other episodes from Season 3, but I have not listed those since they were actually made.

All of this information is from August, 1992.

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