. Greg Hildebrandt's Indy IV - Part 2 of 3
by Greg Hildebrandt, Jr.

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              INT. BAR - DAY

The bar is dark. A mix of locals and a few travelers inhabit the comfortable watering hole.

INDY ENTERS. His look instantly attracting stares and comments as he is obviously not from this area.

At the far end of the bar, the cargo truck DRIVER is drinking shots of liquor with a trembling hand and telling his story of adventure.

INDY makes his way to the bar. A "grandfather" like bartender is already two steps ahead of him, placing a shot of whiskey before him.

INDY looks at the shot and around the bar.

INDY I didn't order this? The BARTENDER motions for INDY to drink the shot.

INDY drinks it. The BARTENDER roughly taps him on the front of his chest.

BARTENDER (Spanish accent) You, come with me. Your amigos are back here.

INDY looks surprised. Cautiously, he follows the BARTENDER to a private back room.


CARY, SALLAH and MARGA are sitting around a table. Half-full drinks, plates of fruits, cheeses and meats fill the table.

The BARTENDER ENTERS and pulls back an empty chair.

INDY ENTERS. CARY Jones! INDY Hey, next time, argue with me about driving, would ya.

MARGA Professor Jones, please, sit down. I see you have met my Uncle Gabriel.

The BARTENDER, UNCLE GABRIEL, holds out his hand. GABBY Hola, Senior Jones.

INDY Hola, Senior. GABBY laughs, slapping INDY on his back. GABBY Talk. I bring more drinks! GABBY EXITS.

MARGA Indy. My Uncle says he knows of the plane we look for.

INDY He knows where it crashed?

MARGA Well, he said the plane did not crash. GABBY ENTERS with a tray full of drinks. INDY What do you mean, it didn't crash?

GABBY Oh, that plane you look for. No, no. It didn't crash. Somebody landed it. Almost took off my roof with the wheels they did.

CARY I don't get it. The call said it went down, without a trace? Why would they of landed it? Here no less? GABBY sits down at the table. GABBY That, I do not know for sure. But I do know that it did not land in a very good place. No, not at all. SALLAH moves uneasily in his seat. SALLAH Not in a good place? You mean it landed in a bad place?

GABBY Just over the next ridge. There is a place known as the Diablo's Mountain, that rises out of the far end of the Valley of the Damned.

CARY The Devil's Mountain?

GABBY Si, si. It is a place surrounded in ancient folklore and dark tales. Those seeking treasures in the Valley have never come back.

SALLAH What do you mean, they have never come back? Indy, this sounds very dangerous. GABBY laughs. GABBY Dangerous. Even danger, my friend, will not enter this place of evil. Many years ago, my son went to this place seeking the treasures it is said to hold. (beat) I have not seen him since.

CARY Treasures? What sort of treasures? GABBY shakes his head and laughs. GABBY Si, just like my son. You are filled with much curiosity. Your curiosity will get you killed one day, mi amigo.

CARY Ah, maybe, maybe not. But it sure does get me into a lot of trouble, I can tell you that much. GABBY becomes serious. GABBY Please. What is it you seek from this place of death? This is a place where man was not meant to go.

INDY That plane was carrying all of my father's work. He was nearing the end of his excavation, but became to ill to finish.

GABBY Si, si. I know. I was very happy to see my niece when she was here last, with your padre. Now, I am blessed a second time. I believe you should think twice about journeying into the Valley of the Damned. No work is so important as to sacrifice one's life. Knowing that the plane you look for didn't even crash should be warning enough not to go.

SALLAH I agree.

GABBY puts down his drink abruptly. GABBY Let me tell you one of our tales, senior. A dark story that has been passed down from family to family. On Diablo's Mountain, there is said to be the ancient temple of Hades that descends deep into the belly of the earth. Straight into hell itself. It is a place surrounded by much history of our people. This, is where all evil comes from.

INDY Ancient folklore and bed time stories don't scare me.

GABBY Bedtime stories. No, the day is upon us. Our town has waited many generations for the prophecy to come true. The time has finally come.

CARY What prophecy?

GABBY For the past several months, our churches have been robbed of their sacred belongings. Ah, some rumored that it was the devil himself who was doing it, but I have seen them with my own eyes.

SALLAH The devil?!

GABBY No, no. But close enough. There was a man known as, Tomas de Torquemada.

INDY The Grand Inquisitor.

GABBY You have heard of this pig?

INDY Who hasn't. It was back in the fourteen hundreds. He was responsible for the burning of thousands of Jews. But he didn't stop there. This fanatic killed anyone that opposed the correct spiritual beliefs of that time. Namely his.

CARY Torquemada was a real nut case.

GABBY Si. His men who served under his rule came to be known as the Soldiers of Darkness. They were not the people you would like to run into. They would come into your home at night and pull you from your bed as you slept.

CARY What happened when they took you?

GABBY In the morning, your burnt remains, impaled on a pole, would be in the courtyard for all to witness.

SALLAH This was a man with no heart.

GABBY Si, si. He was bad, but she, she I fear is going to be much worse. INDY She? GABBY She is said to be the one who now lives in the temple of Hades. Some say she shares the same blood as Torquemada. Others say her father can only be that of the devil. We know her as the Black Angel, for such evil would need wings to climb Diablo's Mountain.

INDY How do you know there's somebody there now?

GABBY As the tale goes, a power will rise from Diablo's Mountain and summon the Soldiers of Darkness. An evil force will spread across the land, poisoning the soil and all it touches. Our cattle have already been found burned and mutilated. Our crops continue to fail. (beat) The Black Angel is among us.

SALLAH Indy, this sounds dangerous.

GABBY Like I said, amigo, even danger does not go near the Valley of the Damned.

INDY If this group gets a hold of my dad's work, they could find the sword of El Cid. I can't let that happen. It should be in a museum. GABBY laughs. GABBY The Colada! Ha! El Cid was a conquer of the past! Why do you worry about such things?

INDY To many people, the Colada is a symbol of strength. It's something that should be preserved for everybody to see. It was a powerful symbol to those who followed El Cid. How do I get there?

GABBY The only way I know that would take you out of the path of the Soldiers of Darkness, is the high northern trail which overlooks Limas river.

MARGA I know where that is. GABBY slams down his glass. GABBY Your not going child!

MARGA Oh, I'm sorry, but yes I am, Uncle!

GABBY (in SPANISH) Marguerita, child, please listen to me. I beg of you. I have already lost one child. You are like a daughter to me. I will not bare to loose another to that place of evil.

MARGA Uncle, please don't do this. I promise, you will not loose me like you lost your son. This is something I must do. Please understand. SALLAH rises from his seat. SALLAH Ah, perhaps we should excuse the family while they...

GABBY (in SPANISH) Sit down!

MARGA (in SPANISH) Sit down! SALLAH falls back down in his seat. SALLAH Ok. Perhaps we should stay.

GABBY I guess it has been some time. You are all grown up now. A woman. Go if you must, but remember, it is against my wishes.

MARGA Don't worry, Uncle.

GABBY But I do worry. That's my job, to worry.

INDY Don't worry, Gabby, I'll keep her out of trouble.

GABBY And who is it that will keep you out of trouble, Senior Jones? CARY raises his hand. CARY Ah, yeah, that would be my job.

INDY If we leave now, can we make it there before sundown? GABBY laughs. GABBY Please, please, senior. You will have plenty of time for your little adventure. But now it is time for family. It has been a long time since I have last seen my niece. I have a feeling it will be even longer until I see her again. So, please, Senior Jones. Tonight, we eat and drink. Tomorrow, you leave with my only niece and I will supply you with everything you need. Torches, ropes, food, anything.

INDY Fine. I understand. Thank you for all your help. INT. GABBY'S HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT

A grand celebration is in full swing. Family and friends drink and eat as two guitar players strum a melody of tunes.

INDY, clean shaven and washed, ENTERS.

From across the packed room, MARGA catches sight of INDY. She is immediately drawn to him.

She comes to him with two glasses of wine. MARGA Professor Jones. INDY turns around and is taken by MARGA'S beauty. She wears a dress that accents her figure and a smile of happiness. INDY Thank you, Miss Gonzalez.

MARGA Please, call me Marga.

INDY Marga, you look absolutely breath taking. A true vision, if I do say so myself.

MARGA And now I suppose I am to melt like butter in your hands.

INDY What? All I said is that you...

MARGA I know what you said, Professor Jones. Just because I am Spanish, does not mean I do not understand English. When you have met one American, you have met one too many.

INDY Listen, doll! You just do me a favor and forget that I ever said anything. You think you can at least do that?

MARGA Ha. Don't flatter yourself, Jones. I forget everything you say anyway.

SALLAH, wandering about the party with a plate of food, comes up to INDY and MARGA.

SALLAH Um, um. Did either of you two happen to try this chicken dish. It's extraordinary.

MARGA No. I've suddenly lost my appetite. I need air. If you would excuse me, Sallah.

INDY Well don't bother moving, princess. I'll leave. That should free up enough air for you.

MARGA I need fresh air, Professor Jones, not hot air.

MARGA turns and storms away.

INDY turns and EXITS the house.

SALLAH is left standing alone. He finishes the last piece of chicken on his plate.

A young SPANISH WOMAN walks past with a smile.

SALLAH begins walking beside her. SALLAH Um, excuse me, Senora, but would you happen to know where one might find some more of this wonderful dish?

The SPANISH WOMAN neither understands nor speaks any English.

SALLAH (cont'd) Ah, bird..bawk-bawk. Chicken...

SALLAH and the SPANISH WOMAN mesh into the crowd.


INDY stands alone, leaning up against a fence.

The night is cool and the stars are bright. The sounds of music drift from the house, melting into the shifting breezes.

It's a perfect night for romance. MARGA (V.O.) Professor Jones. INDY turns around. He is about to talk, but MARGA raises a finger to his lips, silencing him.

He grasps her finger within his hand.

MARGA (cont'd) I think I owe you an apology. I'm sorry. It's just my Uncle, I don't know, sometimes he gets me so worked up inside until I...

INDY steps closer, raising his finger to MARGA'S lips. INDY Shhh. Don't say a word. For a moment, they stand still. Each holding each other's hand. Slowly, they move closer together.

Their lips are only a breath apart as...

CARY comes walking out, slightly intoxicated.

CARY Hey! There you guys are. You know, I'm standing in there, stuffing my face and all of a sudden, it hit me. Bam! I said. I said I didn't get a dance with Marga. So let's go sister! You and me.

CARY grabs MARGA by her forearm, pulling her away. MARGA But Cary, I was just...

CARY No, no, no. You can dance with that fool later. CARY pulls her into the house.

INDY is left alone.

He crosses his arms and looks up at the starlit sky.

INDY What do you think, Marcus, you like her?

A shooting star cuts across the sky.

INDY laughs out loud to himself. INDY (cont'd) Marcus...! EXT. NORTHERN MOUNTAIN TRAIL - DAY

INDY, CARY, SALLAH, and MARGA ride on horseback into the Valley of the Damned.

In the distance, at the end of the valley, rises the evil that is Devils Mountain. At the top sits the temple of Hades. The dark presence of the massive temple is enough to send a chill down the spine.

A dark cover of churning clouds hangs caught in the peak of the mountain, embracing the base of the temple as a low rumble of thunder echoes throughout the valley.

They stop and look toward the mountain. CARY Would you look at that place.

MARGA It is bigger then I ever imagined.

INDY It looks like this northern trail runs along the entire ridge and right into Devils Mountain.

MARGA Exactly. If you look down there, you can see the main trail that goes directly into the base of the mountain, along the Limas river.

A thunderous rumbling rattles the air and shakes the ground.

CARY What the heck is that, thunder?

The horses move back and forth.

INDY looks up and catches sight of the noise and vibration.

INDY That's not thunder! It's an avalanche!

Dust and smaller rocks fall onto the trail. Behind them, larger boulders are tumbling down from the upper mountain.

MARGA is thrown from her horse. INDY (cont'd) Marga! Hold on, honey! INDY dismounts his horse and runs to her side.

CARY and SALLAH, dismount.

The horses take off down the trail.

The four manage to get close to the edge of the mountain wall, tying to protect themselves from the falling rocks.

Only several feet away, the rocks rattle loose the mountain wall, exposing an entrance. CARY Look! A cave!

INDY Everybody in! Move it! They move quickly but uneasily along the mountain wall and into the opening.

INDY is the last to dive in just as tons of boulders crash down where he had just stood. The massive rocks cover the entrance.

The last boulder falls, blocking out the sunlight and trapping them inside the dark mountain.

There's silence, except for the fading rumble of the outside avalanche.

DARKNESS fills the SCREEN. CARY What the hell is that smell?

MARGA The ground, Indy, it feels like mud?

SALLAH Smells like...ammonia?

INDY Sallah, I don't think it's ammonia?

MARGA Indy? What is it?

"CLICK." INDY sparks his lighter to life. CARY Ah, bats! They find themselves surrounded by thousands of bats. They're standing ankle deep in bat guano, crawling with maggots.

MARGA screams and tries to run, but only falls face down into the maggot infested guano.

The BATS go into a flying frenzy.

CARY pulls out a torch from his backpack. CARY (cont'd) Indy! Catch! INDY lights the torch and helps MARGA up.

CARY slips in the guano, falling on his back.

SALLAH swats at the BATS like "flies" around his head.

SALLAH Ahh! They're everywhere! INDY swings at the bats with the flaming torch.

Suddenly, the last bat flies into the darkness of the extending passage, leaving a deafening silence.

INDY'S face shows that he is truly annoyed at the position he's now in as he stands holding MARGA. Both of them are completely covered in guano.

MARGA looks as if she is about to cry.

Suddenly, the interior of the cave begins to shake. MARGA What's that?!

INDY The avalanche must of weakened the cave. Everybody run!

The section of floor they are standing on gives way, dropping down on INDY'S side first and slanting up toward CARY, forming a downward angle.

They all fall to their backs and slide down the sloped floor, into a twisting tunnel.


They scream and yell as they "WHOOSH" through the snaking tunnel.


All four sail out of the snaking tunnel and into another, pipe-like tunnel made up of large wooden peg and beam supports, flowing with churning water.

A bright light illuminates from further down the tunnel.

MARGA gasps and disappears underneath the water. INDY Marga! Honey! Marga! INDY fights the current and swims to her side. He pulls her up, grabbing her in a lifeguard hold.

CARY is pulled past INDY and MARGA in the swift current.

SALLAH struggles to hold the sides of the slick passage.

A turbulent sound of "SPLASHING" water is heard from around the slow curving bend. SALLAH Do you hear that?!

INDY I hear it! As the water passage rounds the bend, it opens up into a long, rectangular room. In the center of the room is a large wheel with long fins, being turned by the flow of water and powering numerous gear and pulleys that are attached.

INDY (cont'd) This just keeps on getting worse! SALLAH Indy!!! Fighting the swift current, INDY unsnaps his whip from his side and thrashes it out of the water.

With one quick jerk of his arm, he barely manages to lash the end of the whip around one of the overhead wooden beams.

MARGA still clutches onto INDY for her life. INDY Sallah, Cary, grab hold! SALLAH grabs onto INDY as the water pulls him by.

CARY'S fingers brushes against INDY'S hand. The swift current and slickness of the water is too powerful and he is pulled away toward the giant turning water wheel. INDY (cont'd) Cary! Cary! ANGLE ON CARY

CARY'S eyes are wide with fright as he quickly approaches the churning water wheel.


INDY watches hopelessly as...

CARY is pulled underneath the wheel.

INDY Cary! Cary! The massive wheel keeps on turning.

For several breaths, only the "SPLASHING" of the churning water wheel fills the chamber.


CARY, holding onto one of the wheel's wooden blades, comes around the back and over the top.

VARIOUS ANGLES MARGA Look! There he is, on top!

SALLAH He is alive! CARY only has seconds to react until he's pulled under again.

Jumping to his left, he grabs onto a wooden support beam for the water wheel.


Under the constant pull, the old rotted beam begins to give, slowly splintering and cracking.


CARY'S wet hands slip on the smooth wood. INDY (V.O.) Cary! Watch out! CARY falls down onto the wooden center-rod of the wheel.

The rod spins and CARY struggles to keep hold. He pulls himself toward an opening in the stone wall.


The old beam finally gives way with a loud "CRACK", freeing the whip. MARGA Indy! We're slipping! INDY, MARGA and SALLAH are pulled toward the water wheel.


Directly in front of CARY is the end of the center-rod. It's turning a large tongue and groove gear system.

INDY watches the churning wheel get closer.

INDY This is going to be a real short trip.


CARY, now inside and on solid ground, only has seconds. Swiftly, he slips off his leather backpack and loops one arm strap around one gear and the other arm strap around the opposite gear.

"CRUNCH!" And the gears lock-up, stopping the wheel.


SALLAH Ah!? We're alive?! Cary stopped it!

CARY looks out from inside the gear chamber.

CARY I don't think it'll hold to much longer. Hurry up! Get inside!

A whining noise echoes from the stuck gears as the churning water pushes against the stopped wheel.

CARY helps MARGA and SALLAH out of the water.

CARY reaches down to help INDY, just as...

The stressed wheel tears the backpack and begins spinning.

INDY'S legs are pulled toward the wheel. CARY gives one last jerk, pulling him up and out.


SALLAH Oh, that was too close my friends. INDY You're telling me.

MARGA Where are we? It looks like some sort of old water well?

The square gear chamber is made up of large, dark stained stone blocks. The air is damp from the water.

The water wheel's spinning gears are attached to a huge pulley system in the center of the room. A smaller canal allows the water to come in through the outer wall and down through the middle of the room. Water troughs are filled and carried up and out of sight.

CARY makes his way toward a thick, wooden door.

CARY Well, where ever we are, it's holy ground. MARGA How do you know? CARY points up to a cross that is engraved into the stone wall above the door. CARY The cross. Footsteps are heard from outside the door. SALLAH Someone's coming!

CARY Get back! CARY moves up against the right side of the door.

INDY, MARGA and SALLAH move up against the left side.

An old iron handle "CLUNKS" and the thick wooden door is slowly pushed open, exposing CARY'S side first.

A figure, wearing a long black hood and cloak ENTERS.

INDY SLAMS the door shut. The HOODED figure spins around.

CARY has already stepped forward, his fist outstretched, he slams the HOODED figure square in the face.

The HOODED figure stumbles back and falls to the ground.

INDY steps towards the unconscious body.

CARY rubs his fist.

CARY (cont'd) Did I just knock out a monk?! INDY kneels down and pulls off the hood. INDY It's a girl?! CARY What?! MARGA looks at CARY with disgust. MARGA You hit a girl? SALLAH swipes his hat from his head and holds it close to his chest. CARY Hey, I didn't know. Honest. MARGA kneels down opposite INDY. She scoops some water into her hand and splashes it onto the GIRL'S face.

The GIRL moans and begins to move.

She opens her yes and her moans turn into shock. She thrusts herself backwards and onto her feet.

INDY and MARGA both spring to their feet. CARY (cont'd) Watch it! INDY moves toward the GIRL. She cowers and covers her face. MARGA Don't hit her!

INDY (to MARGA) I didn't touch her! (to GIRL) Hey, who are you? What's your name?

SALLAH Ask her where we are, Indy?

Slowly, the GIRL becomes relaxed. She shakes her head and points to her mouth.

INDY What? What are you saying? No English? Yes? The GIRL opens her mouth and...

SHE HAS NO TONGUE! MARGA Oh my God! She has no tongue?! SALLAH Ahhee...

CARY Ouch. MARGA steps toward the GIRL who again shelters herself.

MARGA (in SPANISH) No, no. Don't worry. We're not going to hurt you.

The GIRL relaxes. INDY Ask her what she was doing?

MARGA (in SPANISH) What were...

INDY And ask her where we are? MARGA looks at INDY then back at the GIRL. MARGA (in SPANISH) Can you tell us...

INDY Oh, and ask her if she knows anything about that plane? MARGA glares at INDY. INDY What? (cont'd) MARGA shakes her head.

MARGA (in SPANISH) We are looking for Diablo's Mountain? The GIRL'S eyes widen with fear.

Quickly, she moves over to the trough entrance and turns a wheel. A door closes and cuts off the water flow.

She then moves over to the opening in the center wall for the spinning wheel. She pulls a lever, disconnecting the gears and stopping the water buckets. CARY (to himself) Oh, that's how it stops.

SALLAH It looks to me like she was only sent down here to turn off the water.

INDY Yeah, I think your right.

CARY How about the plane. Does she know where it is?

MARGA (in SPANISH) We were looking for a plane that landed here several days ago. Do you know where I might find it? GIRL nods her head "YES." INDY Can she take us to it?

MARGA (in SPANISH) Can you show us? The GIRL again nods her head "YES." INDY Good. Let's go. INT. SPIRAL STAIRCASE - DAY

An old, grey stone block spiral staircase winds up over three hundred feet.

Slim, rectangular red glass windows illuminate the twisting stairs. The GIRL rounds the bend, rushing up several steps and stops.

She looks further up the spiral stairs and descends several steps, waving for the others to come up.

INDY, MARGA, SALLAH and CARY, cautiously round the bend.

SALLAH Indy. How do we know it is not a trap? INDY We don't. The spiral stairs level out at a stone archway made up of two rearing dragons.

The GIRL EXITS and walks through the archway.


The GIRL, ENTERS through the dragon archway and into a two story high hall.


The two-hundred foot long, dark green marble hall is lined end to end with various, one of a kind original wall paintings. Costumes of battle, ranging from the earliest suit of Mongolian battle dress, Roman battle armor and golden, English style battle armor lines both sides of the great hall.

CARY Wow! This place has more stuff than a museum.

INDY stops in front of one of the wall paintings.

The painting is an old religious one of a physical fight between Virtues (tall handsome knights) and Vices (deformed and terrifying demons.)

INDY This stuff should be in a museum. MARGA What is that painting?

INDY It's known as the "Battle of the Soul." It didn't become widely know until the Christians began to fight the Muslims in the Holy Land, and here, in Spain.

MARGA Why is that?

CARY Well, as the story goes, it was because of the white knight and the black knight. The both easily acquired racist overtones throughout history.

They continue walking down the long hall, following the GIRL who now nears the opposite end.

INDY notices a faded picture painted on a sections of white marble directly over the exiting dragon archway.

The painting is of a monk who holds his sword by the blade which faces down and the handle to his chest. INDY A warrior monk.

MARGA Warrior monk?

INDY Yeah. The saints and monks were the churches answer to the violence that plagued medieval society. CARY laughs. CARY It's ironic. The church's answer to violence at that time was more violence.

INDY They were known as the Messengers of Death.

Bullets explode to INDY'S left, tearing into a shining suit of golden armor.

INDY swivels around to see...

Four SOLDIERS OF DARKNESS, clad in their crude tarnished copper and steel breast and shoulder armor.

Underneath their armor, midnight black clothes blend their bodies into the surrounding shadows. Sculpted dragon helmets add to their already feared presence.

Two SOLDIERS hold compact machine guns, the other two have long curved battle swords drawn and ready.

CARY grabs INDY by his shoulder and jerks him back.

CARY Come on! Let's get the hell out of here!


The GIRL leads them outside onto a long, stone balcony.

From this view, it looks as if they can almost touch the clouds.

Down below, the mountain levels off at the half height of the palace. A medium sized airplane runway stretches out from the palace and off the mountain. Two planes are parked to the side. The museum cargo plane is still parked at the end of the runway, closest to the palace.

INDY closes the balcony's thick wooden door. A large, stone gargoyle holding a flag sits on the stone railing by the door.

INDY reaches up, throws the flag to the floor and tries to pull the heavy gargoyle down in front of the door.

INDY Sallah. Help me pull this down.

INDY and SALLAH pull down the gargoyle. It crashes to the floor, breaking into several large pieces that block the door.

INDY (cont'd) That should hold them for a bit.

"BANGS" and "THUMPS" are heard from behind the door.

The door on the opposite end of the balcony swings open.

Two SOLDIERS step through the door with long curved swords drawn for battle. MARGA Indy! Over there! CARY pulls out his pistol and takes aim on the SOLDIERS. The GIRL steps between them and CARY.

SALLAH jumps forward and grabs the SOLDIERS face plates. He slams them down and pushes their heads together. One SOLDIER manages to push SALLAH aside, knocking him to the ground.

CARY holds his pistol down. The GIRL is still in his way, waving her arms in front of the SOLDIERS.

CARY Move it! Look out girl! What the hell is she doing!? INDY Buying us time! INDY looks over the railing and sees...

Two support cables drilled into the side of the stone palace. The cables slope downwards into a tall light tower at the edge of the runway, near a rectangular reflection pool. INDY (cont'd) There's our plane!

MARGA I don't think now is the time to ask for it back.

INDY I'm not asking! That's our ticket out of here!

The SOLDIERS, now re-composed, grab the GIRL and push her over the stone railing. MARGA No! Look out! CARY raises his pistol and squeezes off two shots. Both tear into the SOLDIER'S chests, pushing them back against the wall.

The GIRL grasps the outside of the railing.

The wooden door behind INDY begins to give way.

SALLAH runs over to the GIRL and grabs her hands, pulling her up, just as she looses her grip.

INDY picks up the flag and rips it into strips. He gives each person a piece of the torn flag. INDY Everybody over!

MARGA What! INDY Now! Wrap the flag around the cable and slide down to the tower!

MARGA You're not serious, are you?

CARY is already climbing over the stone railing. CARY Come on Marga, he's serious!

INDY Cary. As soon as your feet touch the ground, I want those engines running!

CARY loops the piece of flag over the cable and pushes off the balcony.

CARY Don't worry! Last one buys dinner! INDY (to SALLAH) Go!

SALLAH But Indy?! I...

INDY Now, Sallah! Now! SALLAH lets out a long sigh and pushes off the balcony.


The bolts that secure the cable to the tower begin to shake and pull from their holdings as CARY nears the tower.


A steel battering ram smashes through the center of the first wooden door. MARGA Indy! Come on, let's go! INDY pulls out his pistol and points it toward the door.

INDY Marga. Get out of here! MARGA climbs over the railing and reaches for the cable.

MARGA I'm going, but don't hang around here to long!

INDY cocks the hammer on his pistol.

INDY Don't worry. I don't think these guys want to play.

MARGA starts to slide down the cable.


CARY is climbing down the tower, only feet from the ground. SALLAH is right above him.

Two of the four bolts in the CABLE CONNECTION on the tower rip loose.

The cable gives a sudden jerk and looses tension. MARGA stops half-way along the cable.

CARY starts running toward the plane, splashing through the rectangular reflection pool that separates him from the plane. Bullets explode around his feet.

SALLAH crouches at the base of the tower for several seconds. Bullets explode all around him.


INDY puts his pistol away and climbs over the railing. He motions for the GIRL to come with him.

The GIRL comes over just as...

The steel battering ram smashes down the first wooden door.

Several SOLDIERS appear at the second door with their battle swords drawn.

SOLDIERS burst through the first door with their machine guns pointed toward INDY.

INDY reaches for his pistol, but...

The "RAT-A-TAT-TAT" of gun fire explodes in INDY'S direction.

Bullets rip into the GIRL. The rapid impact of the slugs forces her back into INDY and knocks them both over the railing.


INDY hooks one arm around the steel cable and holds the GIRL'S wrist with his other hand. The two slide along the loose cable.

MARGA is still holding onto the cable where she had come to rest.

Bullets "WHIZ" past INDY. He looses his grip on the GIRL'S wrist, dropping her lifeless body to the ground. INDY No! Hang on! ANGLE ON CABLE CONNECTION ON TOWER

The last two bolts in the cable rip from their holdings. The cable falls and swings toward the palace wall.


SALLAH, at the entrance to the plane, stops and spins around to see...

The cable snapping loose with INDY and MARGA still holding on. SALLAH Indy?! Cary, wait! But CARY is already on-board the plane. The engines turning over with a sputtering of dark smoke.

CARY (V.O.) Sallah! Come on, get up here! I'm going to turn her around!


INDY and MARGA hold tight as they swing toward the palace.

INDY is headed straight for a huge, circular stained glass window.

MARGA is headed toward two open doors on a small balcony.


INDY smashes through the circular stained glass window. He lands on the hard white marble floor with a "THUMP!"

Quickly, he stands and nervously looks about the room.

Long, wooden beams stretch across the ceiling and a walk-in fireplace dances with flames behind an oversized, ancient stone desk.

He steps closer to the desk which is void of anything except several old scrolls and a partial stone tablet.

The roar of airplane engines and the explosion of gunfire is heard outside.

Gently, he picks up the old scrolls, reading one aloud to himself.

INDY "He, the son of Amsam and Jochebed, they, the tribe of Levi, and younger brother of Miriam..."

INDY looks up, the fire cascading across half his face. INDY Moses... (cont'd) Suddenly, the door to his back swings open.

MARGA stumbles in front of the doorway.

INDY smiles and takes a step forward. INDY (cont'd) Marga! Come on...Marga? MARGA looks to her left and BLACK ANGEL walks up behind her.

The ANGEL is tall and sensual. She wears a tight, hunter green shirt with a black silk wrap around her waist, revealing maybe more than she should. A long, black silk cape hangs loosely on her shoulders.

A blue stone shines brightly from a ring on her finger.

ANGEL Your reputation precedes you, Doctor Jones. I thought we would've met much, much sooner. You may put down the scroll. Gently.

INDY stands firm. INDY Let her go! ANGEL smiles, an evil beauty radiating from her face.

ANGEL Since you have never had the pleasure of meeting me, I will tell you now. I do not repeat myself.

INDY looks at the roaring fire and back at ANGEL.

He holds the scroll close to the flames.

INDY I repeat myself. Now let her go!

ANGEL holds up a long, silver blade to MARGA'S throat. MARGA Indy... Two SOLDIERS come up behind ANGEL holding machine guns. ANGEL (to SOLDIERS) Shoot him. INDY Huh!? As the SOLDIERS ready their guns, INDY has but only one choice. He ignites his lighter and holds the scroll between him and the SOLDIERS, above the flame.

INDY (cont'd) If you shoot me, you loose the scroll. How important is it to you?!

ANGEL Not as important as this woman's life is to you.

INDY realizes, for now, that the scroll is MARGA'S life insurance and he quickly moves toward the shattered window.

INDY Sorry I can't stay for dinner, but I've got a plane to catch. If she dies, lady, you'll never get this back and I'll take you straight to hell. I promise.

ANGEL smiles. ANGEL Those are my intentions exactly.

INDY Marga, honey, I'm sorry. I'll be back. Don't worry.

MARGA But Indy! Don't leave...!

MARGA opens her mouth to speak, but ANGEL covers it over with her free hand.

INDY swivels around and dives out the shattered window. Bullets "ZIP" over his head.


INDY sails out the window and grabs hold of the cable.

Hitting the dirt, he takes off, running through the reflection pool as bullets explode to his left and right.


CARY is in the pilot's seat, flicking switches.

SALLAH ENTERS from behind. SALLAH You can fly, no?

CARY Yeah, no problem. Indy taught me, more or less.

SALLAH looks up as to be praying for his life.

Bullets explode off the cockpit.

CARY (cont'd) Wow! That was close! Where the hell are those two?

SALLAH looks out the side cockpit window. SALLAH I see Indy, but not Marga?!


INDY sprints out of the reflection pool and onto solid ground as bullets "whiz" past him.

He waves his hand to the airplane, motioning for them to start moving. INDY Go! Go! Go! The airplane's engines roar louder as CARY pulls down on the throttle. The plane edges forward.


SALLAH reaches a hand out to INDY. Several SOLDIERS are running in his shadow. SALLAH Indy! Give me your hand! VARIOUS ANGLES

The plane is picking up speed. INDY is still running at the tail, the SOLDIERS at his heels.

He gives one last push, thrusting himself onto the rear tail of the airplane.

ONE SOLDIER jumps on-top of INDY. A SECOND jumps onto the opposite tail wing.


CARY jolts in his seat as the control yoke for the plane slams back and forth. CARY I think we're hit?! BACK TO INDY

INDY slams his elbow back, smashing the SOLDIER in the face.

The SOLDIER hangs on, taking the beating. He tries to wrap his free arm around INDY'S neck.

INDY thrusts his elbow up into the SOLDIER'S face.

The SOLDIER lets go, sailing off the plane, rolling onto the runway and tripping up several other SOLDIERS.

The plane picks up speed. SALLAH leans out the door.

SALLAH Indy, quickly, climb over here.

INDY starts crawling up the side and onto the roof.


INDY looks forward, his face filled with fright as he sees...

The plane nearing the edge of the runway that drops off the side of the mountain.

The plane shoots off the end of the runway, lifting into he open air like a graceful bird.

INDY has now made his way to the top of the rear side door. SALLAH reaches his hand up.

INDY first gives SALLAH the scroll and smiles a sigh of relief, just as...

He suddenly disappears from view.

SALLAH Indy? Where are you going? Indy?


INDY holds onto one of the rails that run along the roof of the plane. A SOLDIER, who has managed to hang onto the plane, is now holding onto INDY'S legs.

INDY rolls over and gives the SOLDIER several kicks in the face.

The SOLDIER hangs onto INDY'S other leg as he takes the pounding.

The plane banks to the right, rolling them over the RIGHT side of the PLANE.


ANGEL stands in the center of the shattered stained glass window, watching the plane fly away.

ANGEL No bother. I know where you are headed, Professor Jones. But all the same, you shall again come to me, if your love is true.


SALLAH stands at the door, looking from side to side and up and down for INDY. Stepping back, he scratches his head.

Behind SALLAH, we can see INDY'S face in the window of the plane as he hangs outside. The wind tosses him back and forth.

INDY is screaming into the window, but is not heard.

SALLAH shrugs his shoulders and leans out the door again.


He pulls himself up an over the side.

The SOLDIER is climbing up. He pulls out a dagger from a sheath on a chest strap.

The SOLDIER dives onto INDY with the knife.

INDY blocks the knife with one hand and grabs the SOLDIER by the neck with the other. Slowly, the TWO start to slide toward the tail of the plane.

The knife edges closer to INDY'S face.

INDY thrusts his knee into the SOLDIER'S stomach and throws him back.

He quickly rolls over the side of the plane and swings down in front of the door. INDY Sallah! SALLAH Ah, Indy! There you are. Why don't you come inside?

INDY swings into the open door and into SALLAH'S arms.

He looks disheveled and out of breath.

SALLAH smiles and stands back, giving INDY a squeeze on his arms.

SALLAH (cont'd) You will find it much better in here, my friend.

SALLAH lets go and turns away.

INDY falls to his knees, just as...

Two black leather boots slam him in the side of his face as the SOLDIER swings into the plane.

SALLAH spins around. SALLAH (cont'd) Ah! Indy! Cary!

CARY (V.O.) See, I told you guys, a piece of cake. No problem, huh.

CARY leans over, looking back through the cockpit entrance, into the rear of the plane.

CARY Ah! Oh boy! Sallah, get up here and drive this thing.

SALLAH is standing at the door as CARY stands up. He grabs him by his shirt and pulls him down into the seat. SALLAH But I can't fly?! But CARY is already making his way back to help INDY.


SALLAH pulls the yoke back and forth and side to side.

Behind SALLAH, through the cockpit opening, we can see INDY, CARY and the SOLDIER tumbling back and forth with the turning of the plane.

INDY comes into view, making his way toward SALLAH. The plane banks, tossing him out of view.

CARY comes into view, the SOLDIER appears behind him with his dagger held high.

The plane banks again, tossing CARY and the SOLDIER out of view.

INDY and the SOLDIER come into view, both fighting over INDY'S gun.

"BANG!" "BANG!" "BANG!" And several shots are fired. Two of the bullets explode into the cockpit control panel.

Sparks and flames burst from the control panel and the plane begins to dive.

INDY, CARY and the SOLDIER all slide forward, slamming into the rear cockpit wall.

INDY and CARY become tangled in the ropes and nets that hang on the walls.

As the plane levels off, the SOLDIER is now standing in the cockpit door, his dagger still in hand.

SALLAH looks over his shoulder, does a double-take as he sees the SOLDIER only a hands length away.

SALLAH pulls back on the yoke, causing the plane to jolt upwards.

The SOLDIER sails back to the rear of the plane and slams against the wall.

The plane banks left and the SOLDIER slides out the open side door. His screams fade into the open air.

The control panel is sparking and smoking. The plane is almost flying itself as SALLAH fights with the controls.

SALLAH Indy! Cary! Oh my God! They're all dead!

The plane begins to near the ground.

A small town is in sight. The main road now looks as good a place as any for SALLAH to "attempt" a landing.

The plane descends, flying low over the rising trees. The wheels just catch the tree tops, breaking branches and shredding leaves.

The plane continues to descend and is now only several feet above the ground.

A look of terror washes over SALLAH'S face as he sees before him...

Several fenced in pens which hold groups of bulls and wooden storage sheds of hay and grains.

The plane slams down onto the ground, bouncing several times.

The wings cut through the fences, releasing the bulls into a wild frenzy.

It continues forward, the wings cutting through storage sheds of hay and grains, sending the feeds flying everywhere.

Pieces of the wings shatter off. The main body of the plane continues forward, slamming over a rock wall which knocks out the wheel and gear assembly.

The body of the plane skids across the ground like a sled. It sails through a barn and smashes through the opposite side covered in hay and chickens.

What's left of the airplane sleds out onto the main road. It kicks up dust and debris as it losses speed, sliding straight toward an oncoming four-door sedan.

The airplane slides to a stop. The oncoming sedan slams on its brakes, skidding to a halt only feet before the plane.

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