. Raiders of the Forbidden Valley

An original story by Hannibal King, told in serial form


--Chapter 1: Unfinished Business
--Chapter 2: The Runestones of Blood
--Chapter 3: The Curse of the Wolf
--Chapter 4: Chinese Burns
--Chapter 5: Chinese Whispers
--Chapter 6: The Dragon's Maw
--Chapter 7: Shades of the Apocalypse
--Chapter 8: Myths and Legends
--Chapter 9: Stars and Stripes
--Chapter 10: Tooth and Claw
--Chapter 11: Marcus Brody and the Limehouse Monster
--Chapter 12: Casting the Runes
--Chapter 13: A Watery Peril
--Chapter 14: On The Wrong Tracks
--Chapter 15: Memories of Things Forgotten
--Chapter 16: A Sting in the Tail
--Chapter 17: Blood and Ice
--Chapter 18: The Trail to Jarmungader
--Chapter 19: Twilight of the Gods
--Chapter 20: Fenrus!
--Chapter 21: Back to Nature
--To Be Continued...

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