Does Indy have a family tree other than his mom and dad that we know of?

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Posted by Darth Indy from ? ( on Thursday, March 13, 2003 at 10:55pm :

We all know about Henry Jones Sr. and his mother and to some extent his childhood teacher/nanny from the YIJC. But what about his grandparents? Aunts, Uncles? Family tree. Was he related to anyone famous, infamous, or of note or is this a mystery that will never be officially resolved. I'd sure enjoy hearing some of the writers around here perhaps giving an old anecdote of Indy's grandfather's advice, or rich uncle's generosity in helping pay for digs (hey Indy did live in the Great Depression ya know, the museum couldn't fund EVERYTHING as it seems in the books) etc. In other words I'd like to see an expanded look into his origins other than the Young Indiana Chronicles which seems to put him next to a historic figure in every episode but never around anyone from back home. Thanks for your comments and just throwing that out there for consideration. Darth Indy.

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