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Posted by Darth Indy from ? ( on Thursday, March 13, 2003 at 11:21pm :

Hello again everyone. I know that most people enjoy having the fedora, jacket, whip, and even the Holy Grail and other artifacts of Indy's. But, I'm not satisfied with that I've found. Each time you see Indy's house or his fathers house you see he has a little collection of historical trinkets, even his office does. Well you have two choices if you want your own. Grab your Fedora and head out and tomb raid or you can do what I've discovered, find interesting artifacts on ebay. I know it sounds crazy but you can really find cheap and AUTHENTIC artifacts from digsites, museums, and private collections up on the auction block. Ming dynasty vases, bronze age ritual vessels, roman goblets, greek god statue heads, babylonian tablets, and even medeval manuscripts. Just make sure you buy from a reputable source (anyone on ebay with over 5 stars is usually a good bet but you should try for 20 or more stars if you need to be safe) and go within your budget, and can take care of your artifacts properly. I like buying things out of jade from the shang and han dynasties in china, and bronze artifacts from around 1200 B.C., and things that wont break easily haha. Remember its fun to hunt in antique stores here in the states too, but remember also that you must choose and choose wisely. For if you say buy a bronze vase from the source in shanghai on ebay youll pay about 1000 percent less than some shop here in the US. And ebay does have a policy against fraud and selling black market antiquties is a no no so dont feel guilty or afraid when your on there searching for artifacts. (I guess that means Belloq still has only one place to sell that Idol, Merikesh) As for a display case you can get a rack or fireplace mantle, or anything youd like cuz dont have to be an expert carpenter to display "the cup of a carpenter". I've posted a link to one of the artifacts (Shang Dynasty Bronze Vase) I've recently acquired from trustworthy person in Shanghai. Sure beats globetrotting in the money you save and you still have the fun of beating out others or finding something you enjoy looking at and displaying. If one wanted to you could make an artifact journal and write an inventory take pictures draw them if you can of your artifacts where they came from what time period sorta like a Grail Diary for your collection. Any comments and what about your collections? :) Thanks. Darth Indy.

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