Indy 4 will probably have one of these scenes.

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Posted by Darth Indy from ? ( on Friday, March 14, 2003 at 3:30pm :

First here are the flashbacks I bet will be in the movie at least one should be considering how the last movie in a series usually resolves mysteries in the first. 1) We will probably see a face to go with the name of Forrestal or Abner Ravenwood in a tombraiding scene remeniscent of the Golden Idol scene from Raiders. 2) Or a flashback of Marcus telling Indy something or a note from him about a certain expedition he was afraid that Indy would not be prepared to go on.
Now to what will probably occur in the movie all LOGICAL possibilities which in my gut i think will occur.
We all have read the possibility of Indy's old gf's and father being in Indy 4 for a soundbyte. Same is true of Sallah, and hopefully there will be a reference to Marcus such as his funeral or a flashback. Remember George actually wanted to make each movie be a prequel of the first one. Temple of Doom came before Raiders, and the first couple minutes of Last Crusade came way before anything else in the official movie series. Then we have the Chronicles taken care of. So I'm thinking there will be a short scene from the past to be resolved later in the film just like Last Crusade. Plus we have the issue expanding relationships. First we had just the buddy gf in Raiders, then we had the gf and the kid pal ShortRound in Temple, and Father Son Nazi Gf thing in Last Crusade. I'm guessing there WILL be a son/daughter of Indy he doesnt know about until he almost kills him or here, something sorta like the scene from Last Crusade when Henry Sr. hit Indy with the fake Ming Vase. Or some nephew or ARRGGG a comic relief character to replace Marcus like Marcus's kid nothing against old Marcus just how his character has been skewed from what we thought he was in Raiders. And of course we'll see some OLD MAN jokes poking fun at Ford's age. "I'm getting too old for this" will probably be muttered. As for the actual story I'm not going to speculate (even though stealing an artifact back from the hideaway nazi's in 1950s brazil would be a nice last nail in hitlers coffin) , even though I know the Basic INDY formula will be followed and added upon. Lose an artifact, get it back, travel cue the map and red line, scene at the college, mysterious person offering proposition, girl, a comic relief character, I dont believe in this hocus pocus scene, etc, 2nd in command bad guy gets killed, big bad guy dies from the artifact itself, lose the big artifact forever, give Indy some recognition finally on screen with some awards ceremony or wedding where Sallah will be a part and all his old buddies show up probably, the end.
Darth Indy

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