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Posted by Steppenwolf from ? ( on Tuesday, March 18, 2003 at 0:42am :

So I gave this new Indiana Jones game a try. It's hardly a great game at all, just a step-up from Infernal Machine. I made it to Istanbul and decided to give it a break. The game looks good, but the music is its best point. I'm getting really tired of the little glitches that ruin the game. Like when the game hangs when Indy throws a punch, causing him to get shot, or when Indy falls right through a ledge. The camera is impossible to control. There will be times when I'm trying to jump/whip to a ledge and the camera will center to Indy's side or face, and I can't see where I'm jumping. Or when I'm in a fight and the camera goes behind a wall, and I can't see Indy or the guys I'm fighting. The camera is crap! It's a good game with a decent enough story, but I get tired of the supernatural enemies I have to fight. Like this dead/flame guy thing. This dead monster keeps hurling fire balls out of his stomach. It's crazy. The voice acting is pretty bad. I'm not asking for an academy award winner here, but I've seen better. The game does have one good point. I like the whip.


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