NBC news reports Iraqi Dig Sites to be protected yay!

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Posted by Darth Indy from ? ( on Thursday, March 20, 2003 at 9:14pm :

On the topic of Jones and archaeology NBC news today reported that "culturally historic Persia (Iraq) shall have it's museums, dig sites, ruins, and other remnants of ancient civilizations secured just as civilians and oil fields are."
Whew what a relief. Now, I know this will not mean 100 percent effectiveness securing the safety of all artifacts and dig sites but at least they did release a statement about damage control. And before you go on about how America is evil and will hurt innocent people, dig sites, etc. Sorry, at least we try our best not to. Think back to WWII the Acropolis in Athens bombed and used as a shelter for ammunition. The Parthenon damaged more than it was by the Turks years before. And also Napolean in Egypt supposedly shooting the nose off the great Sphinx. Just handing off that tidbit of info because I know I'm not the only one concerned about Mesopotamian artifacts. Darth Indy

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