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Posted by Inby from ? ( on Tuesday, March 25, 2003 at 12:54pm :

In Reply to: Re: Some better books to read. posted by Calixar from id-coeurdalene2a-132.cdalid.adelphia.net ( on Tuesday, March 25, 2003 at 8:52am :

You're right, of course; modern pap fiction's abuse of cabala/Kabbala/etc. isn't solely le produit de la science médiévale (or should that be 'la'?). I was just trying to suggest a more fruitful route for recreational reading. Still, any reading that people do these days is bound to be better than watching "Friends" et al. I'm really no expert, but I like to imagine that the hot medievalist Dr. Elsa Schneider, in a different life, might have led Indy (and by extension us) deeper into the alchemical depths underlying the euro-gematria, behind the 'recent' transformative Macguffin (as I like to call it) of the Grail, and into the original mystery of da'ath, as articulated by Adam upon his revelation with Eve (if, as Indy said, you believe in that kind of stuff).
What I'm really getting at is that I want to see Elsa doing some sefiroticism!
Chances of that as a storyline for Indy 4 are about on par with dubya gaining my respect, I guess. Ooh, politics - my bad.
Anyway, yeah, you're right. Didn't mean to give the rabbis short shrift.

: : If you're truly interested in plumbing the arcana of Western European interpretations of Christianity...

: Whatever my views of Michael Drosnin (which are not high), I must say that Gematria is not a "Western European interpretation." Jewish rabbis have studied these codes for millennia.

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