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Posted by Rundquist from adsl-63-201-187-189.dsl.lsan03.pacbell.net ( on Tuesday, March 25, 2003 at 4:16pm :

In Reply to: Re: He won the Oscar, didn't he? posted by MK from dialup- ( on Tuesday, March 25, 2003 at 10:02am :

I guess that Moore and the rest of the movie stars are of the opinion that we should "let peace prevail", like we did in the early nineties. Thousands of Ugandans were being hacked into pieces and the Clinton administration and the rest of the UN did nothing. Allowing atrocities against humanity to occur when you're in a position to do something about them is a terrible thing. Sadam has killed about a million people so far. Perhaps Moore and the like would feel differently if they had to witness a family member being put feet-first into a meat grinder while still alive. Our troops are in Iraq now. If one felt that the United States' priorities should have been concentrated elsewhere, that's one thing. The time to protest that is over. Now that our troops are there, they should be supported. I guess we could have stayed out of Iraq and had what the protesters call "peace", at which point it would have been interesting to ask the Iraqi people how they were enjoying their "peace".


: : : That is a far cry from stealing the show.....and rightly so.

: : : It had about the same effect as farting in public. You will get attention, but everyone will distance themselves from you.

: : Still resentful that you don't have a make-up Oscar?

: : And it was more of a mixed reception when he made his dead-on swipes at Mr. Bush.

: The only thing I resent was Moore's remarks. It was Mr. Moore's right to say what he did. Our men and women in uniform are laying down their lives to not only protect Mr. Moore's right, but to try to extend that freedom to those in Iraq. Speaking out against Saddam is against Iraqi law. The punishment is having your tongue amputated.
: From the BBC:

: "In mid-2000, the RCC approved amputation of the tongue as a new penalty for slander or abusive remarks about the President or his family.

: These punishments are practised mainly on political dissenters. Iraqi TV has broadcast pictures of these punishments as a warning to others."
: Every freedom has a price. In order to have freedom of speech we have to let jerks like Moore have their say. It is a price worth paying.

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