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Posted by Inby from ? ( on Tuesday, March 25, 2003 at 9:06pm :

In Reply to: Re: Michael Moore stole the show! posted by Rundquist from adsl-63-201-187-189.dsl.lsan03.pacbell.net ( on Tuesday, March 25, 2003 at 6:59pm :

unlike my own offering (see reference to 'Last Crusade' (below)). I won't bother to dissect that rabid Reaganoid posting of yours; it's more disingenuous disinformation disguised as distilled discovery. (Whew!)
p.s., maybe we'll see you guys at the QM (again).
It's a common affliction among some members of the community: the inability to grasp subtlety, an almost physical revulsion to nuance, an unwillingness to entertain multi-vocality, the lack of imagination to appreciate the usefulness of critique, hatred of internal contradictions, a deficit of vocabulary tools with which to engage in sustained playful banter, low-to-no tolerance of diversity, distrust of irony - usually suspicious that they're not really 'getting it', and a general fear of conceptual complexity. It is possibly rooted in deep-seated feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem, driven by early rejection of their childhood fantasies by authority figures and mitigated by heavy psycho-social-financial investment in identification with socially acceptable hero figure, one deemed capable of superhuman sexual potency/power, but who yet doesn't have to demonstrate this sexual adequacy (falls asleep, etc.), thus removing from the conscious mind the fear of sexual/public failure and reinforcing the internal coherence of the fantasy and the utility of the psychic investment. Altogether a relatively simple process, though one that typically develops along a schizophrenic spiral that expands ever outward from social normalcy, and leads from neurosis to psychosis and finally to insanity and psychic death.
The condition is possibly stimulated by exposure to acetone, leather conditioner, and too-tight hatbands. Alone, each of these elements is no more than a mild toxin, but together they combine into a potent and deadly formula for mental immolation. It is condition we have come to call "hattootightilus gearchosis" (Schneider 1989:69). There is no known cure; fortunately, the afflicted are often able to recognize each other and convene in groups for protection. This herding instinct allows easy monitoring of their potentially dangerous behaviors by researchers. Usually the patients are best treated by allowing them to construct their own "safe play area", one they believe to be off-limits from outsiders; it doesn't matter if this is so, as long as they believe it to be the case.
This group continues to interest researchers, who study their evolving group dynamics, including internal socialization, role demarcation, and shared fixation in light of the subjects' attempts to comprehend their neuroses and psychoses within the challenging environment of a larger social world and ever-changing global events.
(Paper originally presented at the "Conference Incognito", held in Honor of Her Majesty Queen Mary, Long Beach, California, 2002)
Schneider, E., Ph.D.
1989 Family dynamics and displaced Oedipal disfunction: a case study from pre-war Europe."

And another thing - offered in the spirit of gentle razzing. Because some of you do love it so. Presenting my own 'Club Obi-Wan' post *drum roll*:
'Indy' and 'Iraq' both start with 'I' and have 4 letters.
Indy also has Arab friends. And he was 'dressed like a terrorist' in the map room. And he insulted the US govt. (beaureaucratic fools).
Your going to have to rethink all this Indy stuff. You never saw him salute the flag in those movies after all... And we all know that Fords a cigar-smoking liberal... And Speilberg is, well, you know... Thank God we can seperate
the subversive elements of the movies from you're gear. Now if we can only talk Peter into moving his fine British craftsmanship to the US! LOL!!
high regards.

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