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Posted by Fedora from ( on Sunday, March 30, 2003 at 10:11pm :

In Reply to: Re: Like Indy, that site gathers no moss... posted by Steppenwolf from ( on Sunday, March 30, 2003 at 8:28pm :

: : : Glad to hear you noticed. You have been missed. The site is down again (surprise, surprise). Another server move. It should be back by tomorrow....if not sooner. I can relate to Michaelson's withdrawl last week.

: : : I want my COW and I want it NOW!

: :
: : and this becomes annoying at times. I mean, I head out there to touch bases with folks, have a drink or two, and the bar Club Obi Wan is gone. No ashes, no rubble, nothing. Wiped clean by the wrath of John. Fedora

: What are you guys talking about? What's this Club Obi Wan? No offense, but you make Micah's place look like a substitute or something.
: --S it is inhabited by folks that tote whips and Webleys. Most of the members there were once regulars here, including myself. Some still check in here from time to time. We are gear people, and once upon a time this site smelled heavily of new Westeds, wet fur fedoras, just in from an adventure, and the sound of whips cracking in the distance. If I remember correctly, we as a group were basically mocked and detested by the literature/film crowd, and suffered the ire of the NIM crowd. So, we just up and left. The Great Gear Exodus. Indiana John opened up Club Obi Wan, providing it with plenty of tables, a warm fireplace, and a place to hang your hat. Although it is a cyber community, it has transended that. Numerous members regularly get together, socialize, and talk Indy. Everyone brings their gear, prop replicas, etc. The members of COW have literally pushed key manufacturers in providing us with accurate gear. Yeah, I know I am bragging, but COW is a very active site. Anyway, you made the mistake of asking, and I am obliged to rattle on. regards, Fedora

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