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Posted by Goodsport from ( on Monday, March 31, 2003 at 3:37pm :

      ... especially when one considers that in this day in age, sequels to many successful games get cranked out in less than a year after the previous games' release (*coughTombRaidercough*, *coughMaddenFootballcough*, *coughEtc.cough*) - usually to varying levels of success.

      Yet in the past few weeks, we've had three games released into stores whose previous incarnations were all released back in 1999.

      Even weirder, the proximity of the three recent releases to each other more or less mirror the proximity of the three games' previous incarnations.

      Are these three game franchises joined at the hip or something?

      In any case, while the Rainbow Six series and the Championship Manager series had expansions and updates between their two main games in 1999 and 2003, Indyfans got practically nada during that same period for Indy. But will we have to wait yet another four years for the next Indy game? Not according to Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb producer Jim Tso:

Question 3 - It always seems that itís a long time in between Indy games the latest gap between games has been 4 years. Are there any plans for future games or are the Hat and the Whip going to be hung up until Indy 4?

Jim Tso: Four years is definitely too long a gap between Indy games. Thatís about all I can say for now :-)

      So what was the point of this post? To point out the seemingly coincidental(?) wait and release dates of three major game franchises (one of which includes our very own Indiana Jones ), and to point out that we Indyfans most likely won't have to wait yet another four years for the next Indy game.

      Any thoughts (besides that this was a pretty long post )?


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