My list of demands for Indy IV - please add yours.

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Posted by Sean from ( on Friday, April 11, 2003 at 8:49am :

Not that I would EVER think of strapping some explosives to my body and walking into Paramount's office...NOTE: At this point Sean's lawyer steps in an starts posting.

What Sean MEANT to say is that he feels the following are integral to his enjoyment of Indiana Jones and the (Insert)(Insert)(Insert).

1)Liberal use of the Raider March - Spielnut said that Last Crusade didn't use it so much because he didn't want to "lean on the adventure" button as much as the previous films. To this, Sean says PSHAW!

2)If all the Indy chicks are coming back, then Short Round needs to as well. Maybe also his elephant. They go to America, they get job in circus.

3)Absolutely NO aliens, NO giant squids, and NO Netherworld as in the games (who believes that shite?!?!).

4) George Lucas' team of "experts" nowhere near a print of the film. Dust off Dennis Muren & Phil Tippet, throw in Ralph McQuarrie for some good 'ol fashion matte painty goodness. If the look is too digital, it won't fit in with the others films. Consider Star Wars...yeah, yeah, Sean knows the universe becomes 'used' by EP IV, but has anyone thought how crappy they'll look compared to EP's I to III? Personally, Sean says bring on the crap.

5) Get Douglas Slocombe to shoot it. If not (he is pretty old), get Janusch Kaminiski (Sean apologizes for mangling his name) and use the bleach bypass effect, as evidenced in Minority Report & Saving Private Ryan. Strips the colour off of the film and gives it a grainy, gritty look. Sean would love to see that in an Indy film.

That's all - time to go talk to Sean about idle threats on major movie studios if they mess up his favourite film (shudder) franchise.

Sean's lawyer.

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