He's also supposed to be a pretty huge star in India...

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Posted by Brett Maverick Lambert from edtntnt8-port-248.dial.telus.net ( on Saturday, April 12, 2003 at 6:09pm :

In Reply to: Amrish Puri - mad props for Ghandi!!! *NT* posted by Sean from d221-216-98.systems.cogeco.net ( on Friday, April 11, 2003 at 7:20pm :

I think he's like an A-list actor in Bollywood. Haven't seen those films though, but they may be interesting to watch.

: : I agree with most of your points- especially #3. (The big squid didn't really bother me that much, but for the most part, the games have relied TOO heavily on the supernatural.)

: : The only suggestion I'm not crazy about is the idea of using the bleach bypass effect. I just never have cared much for that technique. If you think the digital work would contrast with the other films, this most certainly would.

: : My own demands:

: : 1. Stick with unknowns. We're already going to see the film, so cast new faces. Like the previous entries- it's much easier to buy into the time period when you've never seen the villain in anything else. (Or were there any Amrish Puri fans here prior to Temple?)

: : 2. Don't turn it into a reunion movie. I'm glad Connery will only be in the film briefly. Hopefully they'll avoid turning it into Lethal Weapon IV or a Batman sequel, where everyone who's ever been in the series gets equal screentime.

: : 3. Don't make Indy old. We know they'll be addressing it, but we also don't need the whole film to play that one note. We know Ford is older, but we also realize it's a movie. The audience is also older, so let us suspend some belief.

: : 4. Make it epic. Don't just plug and play the new artifact and locations. Leave people feeling that they've just seen a true sequel to Raiders, and wondering if it was actually the best of the series. Make us want a fifth movie.

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