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Posted by Fedora from 24-117-29-84.cpe.cableone.net ( on Sunday, April 20, 2003 at 8:49pm :

In Reply to: You were warned the article was partisan. posted by graml from user-2ivevfe.dialup.mindspring.com ( on Sunday, April 20, 2003 at 7:50pm :

: But that wasn't exactly the issue. The issue was that nothing was done to stop a bunch of opportunists from stealing and/or destroying items all of mankind should cherish. We can keep the Ministry of Oil from being destroyed or even damaged, but not one of the most valuable collections of antiquity in the world?
: But since you brought up politics, the Administration does bear some responsibility for not protecting that museum. Just as those Iraqis who smashed ageless tablets should bear (the lion's share of) the blame.
: Surely you know that only a fool would bring up politics at THIS forum. (wink wink)
: -graml
: PS "Alot" isn't actually a word. I feel compelled to point that out not because I'm a nitpicking jerk (tho' in truth, I am) but because it's one of those little things that usually get past the pre-posting proofreading we all try around these parts.
: Let's be (grammatically) careful out there.

....the warning only enticed me. As far as the grammar is concerned, well, I am basically a half mis-educated Southerner, and figure I am too old to change now. Believe it or not, my wife teaches english at a public school, and after all these years, she hasn't rubbed off on me. Much to her chagrin, of course. So, why do ya figure the administration conspired to rob the museum? They knew that all of the treasures would be stolen. Yet, they did nothing. Perhaps one of the cabinet members sent folks over there to steal all of those artifacts. Or maybe, they are all like me, uneducated, and didn't even know there were priceless artifacts in the museum. Nah, I think most of those guys went to an Ivy League school. So this isn't an education issue. Well, if they didn't send someone to steal the stuff, then apparently they just don't care about priceless artifacts. Maybe, but somehow this just seems implausible. Oh, what about this. The only reason that we went over there was to get their oil. Since we are a petro based country, the world's largest user, and if we could not get the black stuff, we will fall, and no longer be a super power. Run on sentence? Since we were only after the oil, we didn't care if the museum was robbed. That has to be it. We just gave our agenda away by doing this. Now, everyone knows! Seems like it would have been easier to do some dealing under the table with Sadam, ensure our oil supply, and support a secular Arab nation. I mean we supported him when Iraq was at war with Iran. And the Sunnis are less fanatacal than the Shites. He would have been glad to buy our weapons, and we his oil, and we could have worked out the Israel thingy with him. He didn't care for Syria or Iran, or Kuwait for that matter. I guess neither the liberal or conservatives even thought of this. Sometimes college educations make pea brains out of us. Fedora

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