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Posted by Steppenwolf from ( on Monday, April 21, 2003 at 7:49pm :

In Reply to: And I will make myself clearer.... posted by Fedora from ( on Monday, April 21, 2003 at 4:59pm :

: : This is what I got from your lengthy rant up there (The one I refused to debate):

: : 1. You are proud of being uneducated.
: : 2. You hate educated people.
: : 3. You hate anyone of Middle Eastern origins (I'll bet you like to call them names)
: : 4. You are a bodliy orifice.

: : I stand by my belief that you are a raging moron who can't be taken seriously, even though you try desperately to make it sound (or read) like you have a friggin' clue what you're talking about. But I'm starting to think you are a dorky 12 year old who's posing as an adult.

: : --S

: .... answer the question. What is the motive for not protecting the museums? It ain't rocket science. Your inability to answer a simple question demonstrates who the real idiot is here. As far as the dorky 12 years old. Try a 50 year old Vet who has a degree in Anthropology, owns his own business, and is successful enough to retire this year. Morons don't get this far in life. It is time to take a look at yourself, go back to your Sanitation department day job, and wonder at how dumb folks like me can be so lucky. Fedora

You just insulted all sanitation workers. I'm sure you offended more than just a few people here.

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