Raiders of the Iraqi Museum.

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Posted by Renderking Fisk from ( on Wednesday, April 23, 2003 at 10:01pm :

In Reply to: It belongs in a museum! posted by graml from ( on Monday, April 14, 2003 at 7:57pm :

: Or at least a well-protected museum. A real shame about what's happened in Baghdad. This is an archaeological disaster on the scale of the Taliban's (remember them?) destruction of the Buddha statues.
: -graml

Let me see if I understand the logic to this oneÖ The Marines and the Army of the United States of America are responsible for the raid of looters or professional thieves of the Iraqi National Museum? Or, the Bush administration is responsible for the raid?

Work with me on the math, hereÖ Iím a bit confused. Maybe too many people are listening to the mindless pap coming from the International Commune known as The United Nations, but The United States Armed Forces are NOT the Global Police Force. The job of The United States Armed Forces is to win wars FIRST then keep the peace SECOND. I donít remember preserving the nation treasures of another country being high on that list.

Iím also amazed there wasnít this much outrage when the raciest bigots of the Middle East (ďThe TelebanĒ for those of you poll counters in Palm Beach Florida) were blowing up Buddhist monuments.

Also, I find it a bit suspicious that Sad-Damín disappear and thereís a raid in this museum. I would bet a bottle of 12-year-old scotch that if that desert rat is a live and well in Syria, heís got that junk. If thatís true, he killed two birds with one stone: embarrassed the Americanís and kept his favorite pieces. To not acknowledge this as a possibility at the very least illustrates ignorant bias against the Americans.

Speaking of JunkÖ thatís just what it is. Itís junk thatís a few thousand years old. In comparison to the lives of innocent children, theyíre meaningless. Let me propose to you parents out there: Someone has a gun to your head and you have to choose the life of your child living in a country with liberty and freedom or the preservation of the Mona Lisa. 5 secondsÖ pick one.

Youíre going to pick the life of your child living in a country with liberty and freedom. If you choose the Mona Lisa over your kid, youíre a sincerely bad parent who needs a visit from the stuffed suits at Social Services.

Have a nice day.

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