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Posted by Steppenwolf from ? ( on Friday, May 02, 2003 at 4:30am :

Boxers or briefs:

Ok, don't think I'm panty-fixated tonight... but I had checked out "Last Crusade" from the library today - saw it and thought, hell, why not, I can at least look at Alison in her prime... then I ended up watching half the movie... and realized that the "I should have sent it to the Marx Brothers" line is my second favorite moment in any of those movies, the first being when Marion whacks Indy in the face with the mirror...
Ok, geekness over with. New geek topic:
so anyway, I watched that whole "plane attack on the beach" scene, and discovered that right after Sean says the words "and the trees", if you look at Ford's butt and his pants blowing in the wind, you can see that his pants hit his ass and appear to highlight the outline of BRIEFS. That's right, Indy wore tighty-whiteys. Yuk. Anyway, that's the way it looks.
Not that I was staring at Ford's ass or anything.
I just thought to look after noticing how the wind was moving things around. Really.
As if there's any point to looking at some old geezer guy's butt with Alison Doody gushing estrogen all over the film.
Uh, never mind.

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