Happy Cinqo de Mayo!

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Posted by Steppenwolf from d207.181.35.20.emcc.cc.ms.us ( on Monday, May 05, 2003 at 10:27pm :

I'd say that in Spanish if I could.
History lesson follows (ie - it's possible to kick a superpower's ass, gentlefolk! YEAH! Eat the state, etc. etc.

Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Battle of Puebla, when a small, ill-equipped Mexican army beat Napoleon III's powerful French forces on the way to Mexico City on May 5, 1862.

The United States was engulfed in the Civil War when France decided to invade poor and struggling Mexico as a pretext to establish its empire in North America. Napoleon III was no friend to the United States, and if he had taken Mexico at that moment, the French would have been able to further aid Confederate troops, who were piling up victories against the Union Army.

Though the Mexicans eventually lost to the French, that Cinco de Mayo battle demonstrated that a small band of dedicated peasants could defend themselves against a world superpower -- a very American idea.
-Candace Heckman

The Fifth of May should also serve as a reminder *uh oh! he's going to tell us a story!* about how the world sometimes refuses to stop a political idiot/usurper/military nutjob with a hard-on for empire who wants to conquer an ancient civilization and who is guided by an unsettling amount of revenge thirst and pursues his mad campaign while silencing critics and home and using dreaded weapons of mass destruction abroad. No, I'm not talking about G.W. Bush; this is the day that Addis Ababa fell to the Italians in 1936. And the world did nothing to stop him.
Can you say freaky parallels, class? Oh well...At least Mussolini wasn't a draft-dodger.
Back to the grind. Sorry about so many parentheticals, by the way.

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