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Posted by James from cae26-117-201.sc.rr.com ( on Wednesday, May 07, 2003 at 11:29am :

Amidst all of the X2 hype, I picked up a copy of Essential Wolverine (vol. 1), hoping for a little nostalgia and a lot of 'snikt'. Issue #12 was a pleasant surprise, as it was essentially an Indy parody.

Titled, 'Straits of San Francisco' (in the Raiders font, natch), it centered around a character that was always living out a different film he had seen. It began at a hearing intended to question his sanity- one for which he arrived late, crashing through a window on a horse and dressed like Indy. After mistaking one of the women for "Marion!", he lead everyone on a chase while pointing out that the pursuers were 'as persistent as the Nazis'. When asked how he managed to defeat the Nazis, he admitted to needing 'divine intervention'.

Nothing major, somewhat cheesy, but it's always fun to see Indy's influence.

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