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Posted by agent5 from ( on Thursday, May 08, 2003 at 3:07pm :

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I think the news of the DVD's is waaaaaaaay too long in coming. This should have been one of Paramounts first series of DVD's since they still held the Indy contract at the time. Imigine how much $$$ they could have made just by releaseing the DVD's without any additional stuff. It just doesn't make sense to me. While I'm grateful they're on the way, I'm pissed they should have been out years ago. And what is this 5 1/2 month waiting period? Why not release them now? Christmas $ bucks. That's why. They wanted to build the hype machine and it seems to already be working. All the footage is 15 to 22 years old so theres just nothing new to add. A few interviews? Maybe, but how long does that take? Yes, the interviews on the VHS copies were a huge waste of time and I hope to GOD they don't goof up like that again. As for the re-titling, I know it's only for continuity in the packaging. I honestly don't think they expect the public to start calling the film by a different name after 20 years. It is and always will be, just RAIDERS.
IMHO this should be the one and only, EVER to be released Indy DVD set of the original trilogy. They've had sooooooooooooo much time to get it right there is no reason it shouldn't have each and every single little scrap of info on these 3 films ever comprised in one place with nothing left for a 'special edition'. To me there is just no excuse not to.
On a positive note, the preview on seems to show they haven't touched up a single thing and that's the way I like it. I LIKE the reflection in the glass, the pole sticking out of the bottom of the truck, the rigs holding up the ghosts, the arm sticking out of the side of the boulder. These 'errors' are now a part of this film and should never be FXed out.
Because Raiders is considered one of the best films of all time (IMHO it IS!) it demands that the DVD be one of the best DVD's of all time. Like I said, there is just no excuse not to with the resources at their disposal.

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