A spin on the DVD debate - Is Indy still relevant?

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Posted by Sean from d221-216-99.systems.cogeco.net ( on Thursday, May 08, 2003 at 7:20pm :


Okay - obviously he is here. No question. However, at my work you should have seen the blank stares I got (from people in the "growing up with Indy" demographic) when I mentioned the DVD's.

Which begs the question, do I work with morons, or outside of the core market, is it a financial risk for Paramount to release the films with tonnes of bells & whistles, which I might add, come at a high price to produce versus what they may sell like?

I'm just playing the Devil's advocate here, my feelings don't lean this way - obviously I'm right f'ing stoked and you just have to look at my posts to know this.

I'm just suggesting that perhaps the reason Paramount isn't going to go full tilt on these things is that they're not sure if they'll sell all that great. Consider this:

1)Everyone (give or take) will buy at least one set.

2)Cinema purists would likely grab 'Raiders' only for its' historical value, which, barring stores ripping open the sets & selling them indivudually, ain't gonna happen.

3)This leaves the average consumer, which may pick up the discs for the hell of it.

That doesn't project a whole lot of sales in the days when kids wouldn't know what an Indiana Jones was, if it came up and bit off their Harry Potters.

Any thoughts?

Sean ->Who pleads with you to read my other posts on the matter before flaming. But, flame away should need be.

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