Young Indy Chronicles preservation project?

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Posted by The Fiddler from ( on Saturday, May 17, 2003 at 1:26pm :

Assuming that when they realease the Young Indy DVD's they will be the new edits (with two original episodes), and not the original TV episodes, there should be some attempt to make the originals available to those who would like them.

Never one to suggest someone do something without being willing to do it myself. I wanted to see what kind of support I'd get if I were to attempt such a project. So I guess I'm posting to see if anyone is interested, and if anyone would like to donate a little time or anything to such a project???

VCD's are my new favorite form of preservation, since they're approximately the same quality as VHS, only digital, so they don't loose quality over time. That is probably the format I would target, with others available. And of course it would all be volunteer and free, so as not to step on any toes (infringe copyrights).

To follow one idea behind making a high-quality transfer to digital, does anyone know anything about the 'Chronicles being released on LaserDisc??? I found a Japanese set on ebay, but can't tell if they're english and subtitled or what? LD would definitely be the highest quality source I know of. Let me know if you know anything about any english LD's, or perhaps Beta tapes (professional, not recorded), or were there VHS releases of the original episodes anywhere or at anytime?

Thanks in advance for any input of your knowledge.

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