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Here's the walkthrough from Gamefaq's, which I never used when I played through the game, but it's been a while so I couldn't remember. Hope this helps! And BTW - thanks for the pic via e-mail, it's the exact one I was looking for!


Ceylon - The Idol of Kouru Watu

This part gave me quite a bit of trouble my first time through, though, once
you know where to go, it's not that bad. First off, run towards the artifact.
Of course it wasn't going to be easy. Unlike the other crocs, this albino
beast can kill you in one bite so don't give it a chance to chomp. Head to
the left side of the ledge to find a skull. Try to get it in the water as far
to the right as you can; once you see the croc on the right side of the pool,
dive in and swim towards the large opening in the left. Once you've swum under
the archway, turn left and hop out of the water. Go through the archway to the
right and follow along, hopping across the break in the bridge, to a lever.
Eventually the albino croc will swim towards the gate. When this happens, hop
into the water to act as live bait; once he's fallen for it, run back to the
lever and pull it to close the gate and seal him up. Whew!

(Alternatively, grab a skull from the pathway near the lever in the alcove
where you want to trap the croc. Tossing it into the water will draw its
attention over without the hassle of using Indy as critter bait. Now trap him
and return to the regular walkthrough. Thanks to David White for the great

Here's another strategy you can use, courtesy of Vincent White:
"The secret is to wait a few seconds and let the croc swim behind the island
then jump in and swim underwater to the ISLAND. Walk around the island till
your opposite the Gate way. Jump in and swim underwater to the ledge inside
the gate. Never been caught by the Croc yet!"

Cross back to the other side of this room and head up some stairs. Pulling a
switch here lowers some cages and opens a gate in the room. From here, jump
into the water. Swim down next to the central pillar with your machete drawn
and cut through some thick vines now if you wish to save yourself time later.
Now, swim up and climb onto the lowest cage. Jump up and climb onto the roof
of the cage. Jump across onto the nearby cage (you should land on the side)
and then climb onto the cage roof. Run forward and jump onto a chain. Turn
left and swing onto the next chain. Hit jump while still swinging on Indy's
initial momentum to drop into the alcove. Pull the second switch, turn around,
and jump onto the nearest chain. Turn left and swing towards the next cage.
Pull up onto the roof and then jump to another cage (you should just barely
make it). Pull up onto the roof and then run and jump towards the rightmost
chain. This is a hard jump. You must jump at the last moment and even then
you'll just grab the chain tip.

Turn left and swing to the next chain before swinging into the alcove and pulling
the switch. Run and jump to the chain you just abadoned. Climb up about
two-thirds of the way before twisting left and swinging onto the cage roof. Run
and jump to another nearby cage (you'll land on the roof) then to another (you'll
just barely grab the ledge). Turn left and run and jump to the final chain.
Swing into the alcove to reach the final switch. Key on this level (and on any
level with hard jumps) is to keep holding forward while Indy is in the air.
He'll often grab onto ledges , just barely surviving if you hold forward. If
not, he'll fall. Also, make sure to line up your jumps precisely or Indy may

Finally, after pulling the fourth switch, the large seal covering the artifact
will release. This switch will also open another alcove to the right of where
you entered this level; there's a fountain in here but you don't really need it
at this point. Just jump into the water and swim towards the island in the
middle to claim your prize. Pull out your machete before grabbing the idol.

Be ready to either swim up to a small air patch in the ceiling or to swim down
to either one of the two openings in the island (you'll have to cut through
two layers of vines so be quick or you'll drown!). Swim back towards the
exit (either to the right or left depending on whether you exit the underwater
area through the left or right openings, respectively). Move quickly since the
albino croc will escape. Once you've almost surfaced near the exit, a cut
scene will start showing you the man who is behind some of your troubles.
Luckily, he gets his just desserts.

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