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Posted by James from ( on Sunday, June 08, 2003 at 3:00pm :

Last night I attended a sneak preview of Ford's new film. The good news is that it's funnier than K19.

It isn't going to make anyone forget The Fugitive or Air Force One, but it's definitely his best crowd pleaser since the latter. The film generated several big laughs from the audience, and people could be heard remarking, "that was good", afterwards.

It seemed to start a little slowly, mainly because I had heard Ford classify it as a straight comedy and several lines seemed to fall flat. The plot also seemed a bit convuluted at first (considering the genre), but soon came together- even if a bit too neatly.

But it's all about Ford, and he is great here as a cop preoccupied with just trying to sell a house. Many of the film's most inspired moments (such as a climactic car chase) play off this premise, and are actually very funny. And I've never been a big fan of Josh Hartnett, but he had managed to get a few laughs out of me by the end of the film.

Lena Olin was a nice choice for Ford's romantic interest, and provides Ford with one of his best lines ("If I take my Ginkgo, I can remember where I put the Viagra.") They also share a classy love scene that got a big laugh with a very simple payoff.

The film also boasts a number of famous faces in small supporting roles: Martin Landau, Dwight Yoakam, Lolita Davidovich, Gladys Knight, and even Lou Diamond Phillips as a hooker.

Overall, it's a fun movie and even lets Ford have a good fight scene at the end to remind you of what's next on his slate. I know reviewers are pulling out the 'Lethal Weapon' comparisons, and while the film doesn't really have the sort of kinetic energy of the first two, it certainly contains more inventive action pieces (such as a chase involving two small bridges) than the last two LW films.

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