I had it in my hands...I had the Golden Sausage in my hands...

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Posted by 3thoubucks from 152-pool1.ras10.capax.alerondial.net ( on Monday, June 09, 2003 at 2:31am :

That's a quote from Disney channel's Even Stevens episode- Raiders of the Lost Sausage. As you know, yesterday was "Whole Lotta Luis" 24 half hour episodes in a row, and I finaly got to see this one. Highpoints- Mr. Stevens answers the door only to have an out control emu on a leash delivered. In the basement, Luis and friends are practiceing frozen turkey bowling. His dad comes down and VERY angrily asks "What's an EMU doing in this house!!? Here Luis flashes back- He is standing on his bed reading "Get Rich Quick" magazine, dialing a phone and pumping a buns of steel exerciser between his knees. A lady answers. Luis says "Ah..I'd like to order an emu...?" She puts him on hold for a sec and a Musak samba plays on the phone. Luis is mesmerized and the exercise device falls away and Luis begins to dance in a trance.....Anyway, a turkey smashes through the basement wall, revealing an old tunnel. Luis does some research and finds out the property the house is built on used to belong to a sausage barron who died very rich, but no one knew what became of his wealth. The little tunnel is filled in and has to be excavated. This is done as a spoof of "The Great Escape". With that movie's theme playing, excavators with little buckets of dirt are pulled though the shaft laying on their backs on skateboards. Beans, Louis's younger sidekick, wears a giant pair of pants which get filled with dirt, which he sneaks past Mr. Stevens. Anyway, There is a temple under the house and Luis and his dad grab the golden sausage off an alter like the golden idol. A Last Crusade type crevice opens up between the two and Mr. Stevens yells- "Throw me the sausage" Luis makes the "Leap of Faith" and looses the sausage down the crevice, like the grail.

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