Ford in the new Maxim, Indy IV, and the "no end" script...

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Posted by Sean from ? ( on Tuesday, June 10, 2003 at 8:30am :

Actually, not sure if it's "new," but it's the one with Shania Twain on the cover.

About a one page interview, talks about stuff in typical Ford fashion. They ask him about Indy IV and he basically says that he won't tell them anything, that the script is half way done, and that no one knows how it ends yet, but to me is bullshit because I don't know of ANY writer that starts a script without having plotted out an ending. I mean, in a good script there's an arc to it (rim shot), and if one starts a script without an ending, one usually writes...Showgirls. More on my thoughts about this in a different thread.

The funniest part of the interview is when Maxim asks him if there's any practical use for a whip, and he says, "Depends on your girlfriend."

Anyway, not worth the money just for the interview, but it does come with a special "100 Hottest Women of 2000 and something," pullout. How Christina Agoooolllaraugh made #1 is beyond me. I must be missing something in my old age...although Beeouncy did look nice in 'Goldmember' which I watched last night.

Watch out for rolling boulders,

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