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About the double replies, I tried replying earlier using the Safari web browser out on Mac. So after replying and refreshing and refreshing again and thinking my actions had no consequence, I decided to fire up Internet Explorer to reply, foolishly thinking a browser change could solve the problem. It appears that for some reason my two most recent posts are not showing up on the main forum page. I find that odd. Perhaps the problem will be rectified and I'll look like a bigger idiot in a few hours (although some would argue that that would be a truly remarkable feat) or perhaps no one will see what I'm writing right now, save for a few lost Indyfans. Hopefully it's the latter.

Peace out!

: But if you don't like it, you could also call me The Big Red. James is also fine. I've long since retired my "Indiana James" moniker, and since someone else grabbed that one I think it's best if we just put that one to rest.

: : It's skarific.
: : So you've been spending three years with preparing for Indy IV by trying to forget? That's pure genius.

: :
: : : I don't know about you guys, but I think that I'll be avoiding all Indiana Jones sites for probably a year before Indy IV comes out. I don't want anything to spoil this. I've been preparing for three years - that's how long it's been since I've watched any of the Indy movies (well, maybe I might have watched LC two years ago. I don't remember). You gotta keep things fresh. If you watch action movies more than 100 times and you're still excited by them, then I question your ability to retain information. I'm trying to forget it all so I can be excited again like when I was kid.

: : : : : Nah, I wouldn't read it. I knew WAY too much about 'Last Crusade,' and they were relatively tight lipped about that one, despite the lack of a widespread internet which will make it all but impossible to avoid Indy IV spoilers. Which raises the question - what will Micha's stance on spoilers be? Any guidelines boss?

: : : : : Sean

: : : :
: : : : If I was ABSOLUTELY SURE that it was the real script, I would check the title, then put it in a small personal safe, then throw away the key and screw up the combination without knowing what it was. Then after the movie came out, I would get a blow torch, open the safe, and put the script on my pedestal, carefully guarded by certain booby traps. :D

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