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Posted by Jimmie from R247010.ppp.dion.ne.jp ( on Sunday, July 06, 2003 at 1:59am :

Hello all!!

I wanted to jump in to say that here the indy stuff is really kicking up regarding the dvd release in nov, and I picked up a flier yesterday showing all the disks pics and listing the features...nothing that hasnt been covered here already....I think...

Also, I saw ToD a few nights ago dubbed in Japanese at a local theater!! Very cool!! They gave Indy a VERY deep voice, and he spoke nearly in the rough Yakuza manner....my friends here assure me that this is the version released to video, but I have as yet to find one for ernt let alone for sale. Same with any of the indy novels...I could find only one!! And beleive me, I have been to every bookstore I could find from Tokyo all the way down to Hitoyoshi city!!

Tonight we arr all going to Battle Royale 2, and I am most excited!!

Japan has been a grand adventure, but I am very homesick. While in Hitoyoshi, I learned a very valuable lesson : when travelling very far north or south to your relevent `home` location, make sure you know a bit about the dialect of where you`re going!! I couldnt understand ANYTHING in Hitoyoshi...I was so releived to return to Saitama, and Tokyo....where I could converse again!!

Tomorrow I am hitting the indy ride in Disney Sea - finally!! - and then its two days and a wake up before returning to the US. I have been here nearly a month, and will most likely return in four or five months to attend a Japanese language school for their two month course - 8 hours a day of Japanese - whoo hoo!!

Indiana Texas Girl - I am SO jealous that youve seen that fan film!! But on the same note, Im sorry you had to go to Austin to see it : ) J/K

Later guys,


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