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Posted by Sean from ( on Saturday, July 19, 2003 at 8:13am :

So I just woke up, and remember this dream I had last night.

I had the Indiana Jones DVD's earlier than everyone else (yeah right!), and was watching 'Raiders.' In my dream, 'Raiders' had a different ending sequence, whereby Belloq doesn't blow up, and his agony seems to be slightly diminished. The funny thing is, my "new shots" were seamlessly edited into the original. Weird stuff.

Then, the sequence where Indy & Marion escape the Well of the Souls was altered, and they meet up with that dude that had originally been filmed but ultimately deleted. Now, having the keen eyes aided by DVD, I noticed that there were a few cosmetic differences in Indy's jackets (okay, there were straps on the sleeves to attach his gloves too). It seems totally ridiculous right now, but in my dream I RAN to the computer, went to Indygear, and furiously typed my message, only to (GET THIS!) have the site down. I'm not making any of this up.

Weird dream, all in all probably brought on by me being hepped up on cold/flu medication.

Cheers, and paging Dr. Freud,

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