Indy IV to go head to head with Batman....uh...5?

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Posted by Sean from ? ( on Thursday, October 02, 2003 at 11:04am :


I came across this on the superhero hype website, via Yahoo!

It appears as thought the next Batman film (heh heh heh) may compete with Indiana Jones IV for the 2005 box office. Personally, my feelings are that Indy will absolutely slaughter Batman, because you can't tell me that the general public still doesn't have a bad, Schumachery-like tast in their mouths. I'll give you an example.

Average Movie Goer #1 - Let's go see Batman 5.

Average Movie Goer #2 - How about Indiana Jones 4?

Average Movie Goer #1 - Yeah, but this Batman is dark and edgy like Frank Miller intended him, delving into his beginnings as a (pauses to adjust glasses and look at a girl he has no chance in hell with) crimefighter and...

Average Movie Goer #2 - Who cares? Does the suit have nipples?

Average Movie Goer #1 - Let's go see Indiana Jones 4.

Basically, I don't think the public will give a rat's red ass WHAT Warner Bros. does with Batman, their overmilked franchise is still the butt of popular culture jokes.

The article mentions that it's rare for two high profile films to open around each other, which is true, but neglects to mention that 'Last Crusade' opened on May 24, 1989 and 'Batman' on June 25, 1989 (I think). We all know who came out as box office champ that summer. But I'm willing to wager that history will not repeat itself. In fact, this could be the film that revitalizes Harrison Ford's career, 'cause let's be honest. He hasn't made a decent film since the last Jack Ryan flick he was in (even then that's a stretch). He isn't the box office juggernaut he once was. I'll bet this moves him into the older leading man roles that befit him, kind of like Gregory Peck or Jimmy Stewart.

And Batman? Well, Warner Bros. can't make a good movie to save their lives recently due to poor management and a concentration on box office rather than quality. So, my chips are down. Indiana Jones will kick Batman's rubber ass.


Sean "Get those Heroes!" C.

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