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Posted by schwammy from ( on Saturday, October 18, 2003 at 0:13am :

Here, by popular demand, is the first in a series of songs from the Raiders musical we were working on last year. This song is by Indiana Philip, and it's one of my favorites.

Toht tap-dances into tent, followed by two tap-dancing Nazis. (Threatening gesture with hanger.)

What Shall We Talk About?

(Toht sings)
What shall we talk about?
Now that we're here together
To talk about the weather
Would be pointless and moot
A waste of time to boot
What shall we talk about?

What shall we talk about?
They say when I was young
That I was gifted
It was my uncle who was
Very strange and twisted
He pushed me to the edge
And now I'm walking on this ledge
What shall we talk about?

(Tap-dance routine)

Don't you know that when I
Touch you baby
That it's torture

Don't you know that when I
Brush against you
That it's torture

(More tap-dance)

You are wearing
Someone else's dress
It is not your own

Let that dress
Reflect yourself
You are not your own
You can belong to me

(Speaking, almost whispering, very close to Marion's face.)

Do you sense danger?
It sparks my imagination
The secrets I can make you whisper

(More tap dance)

They say I'm very close to being crazy
It's not my fault, it was my childhood
Those faded memories are dark and hazy
I'm not insane, I just like pain,
I think it's good

Don't push me too far
I've already got a scar
Upon my cold and brutal sand
Now this hot and hellish sand
Has made me nuts
So spill your guts
What shall we talk about?

More to follow.

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