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Posted by schwammy from ( on Saturday, October 18, 2003 at 11:05pm :

In Reply to: Re: Raiders of the Lost Ark: the Musical! posted by schwammy from ( on Saturday, October 18, 2003 at 0:42am :

Here's ITG's Peru medley

Indy (seen in silhouette reading a map):
Lurking through the forest,
My map is split in two
It's quality the poorest,
What am I to do?
(Indy emerges out of the shadows and snaps his whip at Barranca. Satipo looks on in AWE.)

This man, this man,
Of him I am a fan,
Who can snap a whip like that?
No one can! No one can!
No one but this Indy man!

(Indy moves on unphased by Satipo's display of AWE.)

I've arrived! I've arrived!
I know I will survive!
Cobwebs won't stop me,
Booby traps - my cup of tea.
(lifts hand to mouth as if drinking a dainty cup of tea)
(Satipo screams at the sight of a skeleton impaled on a spike)
I wish my guid would stop his screaming
Because my head is steaming
Causing me fed(ora) to taper.
Soon it'll be as floppy as wet paper.
(foreshadowing to swimming toward the plane)
(Indy moves on through the temple.)
Aw, a chasm I must cross,
I will find a way across
(Indy unsnaps his whip from his Keppler whipholder and wraps in around a tree branch. Indy swings across. Saptio follows.)
Somewhere, somewhere, I know my idol hides,
She'll be smiling at me with lovely eyes.
Eyes that linger on my every move,
Eyes that watch all that I do.
Birth pains, birth pains, I know my idol has,
She'll soon be relieved as if she was just passing gas,
Into my bag she'll go
To hide from the hands of my foe.

(Indy hears the sound of crumbling walls and off he goes... boulder rolls... )

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